Try out one of the Libraries' Kindles!

Neilson has four Kindles loaded with a selection of recent fiction and non-fiction books to circulate to Smith students, faculty, and staff.

Read David Pogue’s review of the Kindle: The Kindle: Good Before, Better Now, New York Times, February 24, 2009.


Kindles are available at the Neilson Circulation Desk. They circulate for two weeks. Holds can placed at the Neilson Cirulation Desk if all Kindles are checked out.


We currently have over 40 books on each Kindle. To see contents, search the Five College Library Catalog for "Kindle books at Smith".


Amazon’s sleek Kindle e-book reader holds up to 1,500 books. E-Ink technology produces a paper-like display on the screen; the text is legible and presented without the glare of a backlit surface. Type size and page orientation are both adjustable, a simple navigation system uses buttons and a built-in keyboard, and the battery lasts for days. Other features include:

  •  Linked dictionary provides word definitions on demand integrated into the page display 
  • Ability to highlight text and take notes
  • 3-G wireless connection allows for almost instantaneous download of new material and also supports a built-in web browser
  • “Read to me” text to speech capability reads anything (and everything) on the screen


Neilson Library Circulation Desk
(413) 585-2910