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The Department of Theatre is sponsoring the book launch party on Wednesday, October 30, from 5:00-7:00 pm on the Werner Josten Library Mezzanine.

The Group Theatre: Passion, Politics, and Performance in the Depression Era by Helen Krich Chinoy and Edited by Don B. Wilmeth and Milly S. Barranger.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
5:00-7:00 pm Book launch party - copies of the book will be available - Josten Library Mezzanine

The Group Theatre, a groundbreaking ensemble collective based in New York that operated from 1931 to 1941, started the careers of many top American theatre artists of the twentieth century and founded what became known as Method Acting. This book is the definitive history of the group, based on more than thirty years of research and interviews by the foremost theatre scholar of the time period, Helen Chinoy, who was professor emerita in the Smith College Department of Theatre. She retired in 1987 and passed away in 2010, leaving her book unfinished.

"[Her] long-awaited appraisal of the Group Theatre is a fascinating tribute to the controversial and pioneering ensemble that forced the American theatre to 'put on long pants.' It is also a tribute to the scholarship of Don Wilmeth and Milly Barranger whose judgement, patience and editorial skills channel Chinoy's remarkable voice..." to quote Barry Witham, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington, USA.


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