The Audition: Butterflies, Terror, Passion & Commitment

A mid-afternoon film series in Josten Library during January Interterm, Jan.15-17, 3:15 pm

Documentary film about the 2007 National Council Auditions grand finalists.


Three documentary films chronicling the audition process from the standpoint of singers, actors and dancers. These films will appeal to anyone who has ever risked all, or wanted to. Stay for popcorn and discussion led by audition veterans from all three performance disciplines.

January 15:  The Audition, directed by award-winning filmmaker Susan Froemke, looks at the intense pressures young opera singers face as they struggle to succeed in one of the most difficult professions in the performing arts. The feature-length documentary takes you behind the scenes at the Metropolitan Opera’s National Council Auditions.

Discussion lead by Joseph Baldwin, Iva Dee Hiatt Distinguished Assistant Director of Choral Activities & Lecturer in Music

January 16:  Showing Up explores the actor’s audition in an 80-minute conversation with some of our finest working actors reflecting on what the audition process is and means to them, how they prepare and how they keep going back.

Discussion lead by Chris Rohmann, theatre critic for the Valley Advocate, director and teacher

January 17:  Every Little Step follows the plight of real-life dancers as they struggle through auditions for the Broadway revival of “A Chorus Line.”  It also investigates the history of the show and the creative minds behind the original and current incarnations.

Discussion lead by Melissa Edwards, MFA ’13, is a dancer, choreographer and has many stories of auditioning success and heartbreak to share.


Marlene Wong
Josten Performing Arts Library