The Artists Book in the 20th Century

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Exhibition in Book Arts Gallery, Neilson Library (third floor) through August 2005. Curated by Art History 293 students.

This collage silkscreened illustration, "The Devil," is from the Circle Press edition of The Left-Handed Punch, published in 1986. A new version of the story of the puppets Punch and Judy written by Roy Fisher, the book features Ron King's brightly-colored images of the puppets with movable parts, in this case the devil's cape which pivots to alternately reveal or conceal the figure's legs.


The Left-Handed Punch is one of fourteen books in an exhibition curated by students as part of the final project for the course "The Artists Book in the 20th Century," taught in the fall of 2004 in the Mortimer Rare Book Room by curator Martin Antonetti.

Ronald King (born 1932), an artist and book maker, established the Circle Press in England in 1967. He formed the Press to "draw together a circle of like-minded people" to make books. Over the years he has collaborated with more than one hundred artists, writers, and poets.

Book Arts Gallery
(Neilson Library, third floor)
April 15 through August 2005

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