Archives Fair this Thursday

Learn hoop-rolling and get a taste of why archives are exciting by dropping by and talking with archivists and students, 11:30 am-1:30 pm , Chapin Lawn


Haven't been back to the Archives since orientation?

Here's your chance to see some of the amazing treasures in broad daylight: a Smith time capsule, a Hollywood Oscar, political buttons from the 1970s.

Practice hoop rolling on the lawn, a forgotten Smith tradition.

Hear about the Archives Concentration from students who have chosen it.

Stop by on your way to or from lunch!

Strange but true factoids from the SSC and CA

1) A Valentine's day cookie from a 100 year old scrapbook was discovered (still intact!) in the College Archives this summer?

2) The Optical Manufacturers Association chose Gloria Steinem as a "spectacular" person because of her trendsetting aviators? See the letter in the SSC!

3) In the 1880's, women like Esther "Daisy" Brooks, had to sign up for a time to take a weekly bath in Hatfield House?

4) Gloria Steinem received some bizarre fan-mail in her days at Ms. Mag...See a 45 page handwritten, front and back, letter in the archives. 

5) Along with Dolly Parton, a 12 year old girl was a recipient of Ms. Magazine's first "Women of the Year" awards.


Susan Van Dyne