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If your students have a library research assignment, now is the time to start thinking about when to add library instruction to your class syllabus. Please use our new form to schedule a session.
The activists gathered at the Smith College Conference Center in June were tackling a seldom-asked question: How can history support the day-to-day work of women organizers?
Drop in to one of the clinics in the next few weeks to learn more about these free and easy to use tools.
The college has announced that Maya Lin and the architectural firm Shepley Bulfinch have been selected to lead the redesign of Neilson Library.
Mango Languages offers lessons in 66 Languages Pick one and conquer the world.
Summer Ices: Images to cool you off during the summer of 2015, Book Arts Gallery, Neilson Library Level 3, July 1-August 15, 2015
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