Congratulations to Graduating Seniors Who Worked in the Libraries!

The Friends of the SC Libraries honored them with books purchased for the Libraries' collection. See a complete list of graduates and book donated in their honor.


Student library assistants play an important role in providing quality service in every library department, branch library and special collection.


Before they graduate, these seniors receive notification that a book has been plated in their honor.


The books (and some DVDs) are displayed in Neilson Level 1 core, in the Hillyer Art Library, Josten Library for the Performing Arts and Young Science Library through May 26.


Below is a complete list of the 2013 graduates, with links to the online catalog record for each book.


book cover The Age of Insightbook cover On Lookingbook cover Transnational Feminism

Class of 2013


Student Assistants
Book Titles Presented to the Libraries

Veronica Adler   An Introduction to Buddhism: Teachings, History and Practices
Sameeha Aslam   Global Weirdness: Severe Storms, Deadly Heat Waves, Relentless Drought, Rising Seas, and the Weather of the Future 
Joanne Aurelien   First, Do Less Harm: Confronting the Inconvenient Problems of Patient Safety 
Frederica Baffour   The Consequences of the Global Finanical Crisis 
Kelly Beauvais   Accessibility of Music Participation, Reception and Contact 
Nichole Calero   Fair Trade From the Ground Up: New Markets for Social Justice
Sabrina L. Camboulives   Under the Surface: Fracking, Fortunes and the Fate of the Marcellus Shale 
Elizabeth DeHuff   On Looking
Isabella DiMambro   Domestic Violence: Poems 
Alejandra Mabel Doucette   Art and Homosexuality: A History of Ideas 
Dana Elliot    Kara Walker: A Negress of Noteworthy Talent
Yasmine Evans     Women's Activism: Global Perspectives from the 1890's to the Present
Faizaa Fatima     Signs of Home: The Paintings and Wartime Diary of Kamekichi Tokita
Evelina Federyuk     The Spark of Life : Electricity in the Human Body
Sarah Fitzgibbons     Sex, Gender and the Conservative Party: From Iron Lady to Kitten Heels
Marie Frese     Storied Dishes: What our Family Recipes Tell us About Who We Are and Where We've Been 
Helene Gagnon   Encounters
Kayla Ginsburg     Transnational Feminism in U.S.
Zoe Gioja     Poet Heroines in Medieval French Narrative
Hailey Logan Hargraves    Ai Weiwei: Art, Architecture
Veronica Hernandez     New Deal Ruins : Race, Economic Justice, and Public Housing Policy
Katherine Hoyer     Bel Canto : A Performer's Guide
Gilianne Jawahir     Caribbean and Atlantic Diaspora Dance: Igniting Citizenship
Julia Johnstone    Narwhals: Arctic Whales in a Melting World
Anna Joyce   Musical Imaginations: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Creativity, Performance and Perception
Emma Kenyon   Democratic Reason
Dayton Kinney     The Act of Musical Composition: Studies in the Creative Process 
Szilvia B. Kiss     The Open Door: One Hundred Poems, One Hundred Years of Poetry Magazine
Eliana Joy Levy     Design Like You Give a Damn [2]: Building Change from the Ground Up
Mei Maeda   Yayoi Kusama
Tila Mainga    Brain on Fire : My Month of Madness
Grace Martin    How Ancient Europeans Saw the World: Vision, Patterns and the Shaping of the Mind in Prehistoric Times
Ellise Mercier   Global Security in the Twenty-First Century: The Quest for Power and the Search for Peace
Emily Mercier    Black Women & Politics in New York City
Kristen Miao     Space and Society in the Greek and Roman Worlds 
Katarina Neskovic   Ingmar Bergman Revisited: Performance, Cinema and the Arts
Yun Ni     The Palace Museum Collection: A Treasury of Ming & Qing Dynasty Palace Furniture
Linet Ogoti    Multi-Ethnic Coalitions in Africa : Business Financing of Opposition Election Campaigns
Kristin Peck   On a Farther Shore: The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson
Karina Pretto   A Poet's Revolution:The Life of Denise Levertov
Caroline Quinn   360 Sound: The Columbia Records Story
Bokang Rabasha    The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Ayelet Reiter    Gender, Branding, and the Modern Music Industry: The Social Construction of Female Popular Music Stars
Carole Chloé Dorothée Chalfin Renard   The Synagogues of New York's Lower East Side: A Retrorespective and Contemporary View
Lucía Rosaura Villagra Rodríguez     Botanica Magnifica : Portraits of the World's Most Extraordinary Flowers & Plants
Madihah Salim     Bioluminescence: Living Lights, Lights for Living
Chelsea Seamon     Marriage at the Crossroads
Ann Slingerland   Artist Animal
Amanda Smith   Eva Luna
Rachel Smith   Capital of the World: The Race to Host the United Nations
Caitlin Snow    Three Score & Ten: A Voice to the People : 70 Years of the Oldest Independent Record Label in Great Britain
Elizabeth Stewart   The High and Lonesome Sound : The Legacy of Roscoe Holcomb
Joselina Tejada   David Bowie is the Subject
Thanh-Giang Tran   My Life at the Gym: Feminist Perspectives on Community Through the Body
Joanna Trott   Diplomatic Sites: A Critical Enquiry
Jessica Wignall   Genome Plasticity and Infectious Diseases
Elizabeth Williams   In a Queer Voice: Journeys of Resilience from Adolesence to Adulthood
Wei Xin   Researching Twenty-First Century Japan: New Directions and Approaches for the Electronic Age
Clare Yaghjian   Stephen Jones and the Accent of Fashion
Lu Yang   Taoist Buildings
Wenyan Zhu   The Age of Insight: The Quest to Understand the Unconscious in Art, Mind, and Brain


book cover First Do Less Harmbook cover Kusamabook cover Storied Dishesbook cover Gender, Branding and the Modern Music Industry

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