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Friends of the Libraries Honor Graduating Student Assistants

book cover The Edible Front Yard

Student library assistants play an important role in providing quality library service. Each year, the Friends honor graduating student assistants by donating new books in their names.

Below is a complete list of the 2011 graduates, with links to the online catalog record for each book.

book cover Forbidden Fruit: A History of Women and Books in Art

Additionally, the Friends of the Smith College Libraries will host an Ivy Day reception for alumnae, seniors and their guests, to honor our hardworking student library assistants. Meet library staff and view special exhibits.

book cover Climate Governnce at the Crossroads

2:30 - 4:00 pm
Saturday afternoon
May 14, 2011

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Friends of the Libraries Reading Room
[Neilson Library, level 1]

book cover When Did Indians Become Straight
Class of 2011
  Student Assistants
    Book Titles Presented to the Libraries
Neilson Library    
Emmalie Anderson   Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Rachel Ayers   The Genius of Renoir
Catherine Barrientos   The Making of National Economic Forecasts
Rachel Beers   The Heroic Ideal
Catherine Bult   Essays on Skepticism
Hilary Buxton   The World in Flames
Lillian Chi   Fundamentals of Abstract Analysis
Emily Cook   The Edible Front Yard
Zeina Dajani   Being Young and Muslim
Maren Delap   A Return to Servitude
Kim Digioia   The Moral Landscape
Sarah Dunn   Secret Passion
Anna Eisen   Ladies of the Field
Melissa Fox   Between Cinema and Performance: Globalizing Bollywood Dance
Stefania Gawron   Introducing Philosophy Through Pop Culture
Gwen Gethneri   Bird Cloud
Catharina Gress-Wright   The Literary Monster on Film
Lori Harris   Radicalism at the Crossroads
Aparna Kamath   Political Economy, Growth and Liberalisation in India
Erin King   Rachel Harrison: Museum with Walls
Zoe Kosoff   Can Virtue Make Us Happy?
Eleanor Lane   The Moral Lives of Animals
Skyler Lawton   When Did Indians Become Straight?
Katlyn Lewicke   Between the Middle Ages and Modernity
Sarah Lindblom   T.H.R.
Amanda Lineweber   The L Life
Suzannah Longval   The Ancient City
Olivia Mandica-Hart   After Sex? On Writing Since Queer Theory
Samantha Marlow   The Film Paintings of David Lynch
Allie McCormack   The Life and Afterlife of Isabeau of Bavaria
Ann Nordmeyer  

The Truth (and Untruth) of Language

Erin O'Neil   Scotland's Land Girls
Colleen O'Toole   What Really Matters in Spelling
Rebecca Peterson  

Reflection and the Stability of Belief

Barbara Von Salis  

Woman in the Wilderness

Maria Servellon   The Moral Psychology Handbook
Emily Sternlicht   One God of All?
Vivian Valencia  

The Social Animal

Jasmine Wallas   Environmental Photochemistry
Irene Wang   Individualism in Early China
Eva Weber   Break the Glass
Annie-Sage Whitehurst   Glamour in a Golden Age
Sarah Wisner   Literary Form, Philosophical Content
Jessica Wolfenden   T.S. Eliot and the Essay
Jaymie Zapata   Nine Lives: In Search of the Sacred in Modern India
Hillyer Art Library
Nellie Knox   Julius Shulman: Chicago Mid-Century Modernism
Ilana Issa Alazzeh   Masterpieces of Islamic Art
Suzie Oppenheimer   Barbara Kruger
Salma M. Mehter   The Alhambra
Rachel Ziebel   Forbidden Fruit: A History of Women and Books in Art
Clarissa Ping Chan  

The Neural Imagination: Aesthetic and Neuroscientific Approaches to the Arts

Anneliese Duchateau Baierl   Candida Höfer: Projects Done
Josten Library for the Performing Arts
Emily Dodwell   Musical Mathematics: On the Art and Science of Acoustic Instruments
Sarah Galper   Legacy in Cloth: Batak Textiles of Indonesia
Jessia Labbe  


Young Science Library
Jian Hua Lin   The Analysis of Biological Data
Insung Yong Song   The Cybernetic Brain
Assumpta G. Twekise  

Handbook of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Helen Kyounga Kim   Climate Governance at the Crossroads
Jin K. Lee   Portraits of the Mind
book cover The Moral Lives of Animals book cover Julius Shulman: Chicago Mid-Century Modernism book cover Individualism in Early China book cover Ladies of the Field

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