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Travel Registry for Internships Abroad

Approximately 400 students per year receive Praxis stipends to work at unpaid summer internships here and abroad in such fields as health care, government, education, communications, research, social welfare, technology, law, science and the arts. These internships help students build on their academic studies, make decisions about their careers, and acquire the experiences and skills desired by employers and graduate schools.

The deadline to submit your Praxis application and all supporting materials is Friday, April 29, 2016.

2016 Praxis Application

IMPORTANT UPDATE: If you are doing an internship abroad and not in your home country, you must consult the State Department Travel Warning list to verify that it is safe to travel and work in that country. Praxis WILL NOT be approved for internships in countries that have travel warnings.

Internships are an increasingly important element of education for students wishing to advance to graduate school or professional positions. Because many students cannot afford to accept an unpaid internship and forego summer earnings, the Praxis program is critical in assuring that all students can pursue opportunities that expand their education but cannot or do not pay a salary.

Praxis-funded internships are intended to help students:


PRAXIS at Work: Living History at Old Sturbridge Village
Praxis Interns experience first-hand the life of early 19th-century New England villagers at the living history museum.