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spring 2016 lals approved courses


LAS 201 Colloquium in Latin American and Latino/a Studies 
Topics course. 
“The Bronze Screen”: Performing Latina/o on Film and in Literature 
(M W 1:10-2:30pm)
Nancy Saporta Sternbach 

LAS 201 Colloquium in Latin American and Latino/a Studies
Topic: Development Dreams & Perils in Modern Latin America, 1825-2016 
(T Th 3:00-4:20pm)
Sarah T. Hines 

LAS 301 Colloquium in Latin American and Latino/a Studies 
Topic: Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Latin America 
(T Th 1:00-2:50pm)
Cora Anderson 

LAS/HST 261 (L) National Latin America, 1821 to the Present 
(M W 1:10-2:30pm)
Sarah T. Hines 

ANT 269 Indigenous Cultures and the State in Mesoamerica
(M W 2:40-4:00pm)
Fernando Armstrong-Fumero

ARH 204 Art and Architecture of the Ancient Americas (L) 
(T Th 1:00-2:50pm)
Dana Leibsohn

DAN 244 Tango II 
(W 7:00-10:00pm)
Daniel Trenner

DAN 377 Advanced Studies in History and Aesthetics 
Comparative Studies in Latin American Dance 
(M 7:00-10:00pm)
Lester Tome

GOV 220 Introduction to Comparative Politics 
(T Th 9:00-10:20am)
Velma Garcia

GOV 237 Colloquium: Politics of the U.S./Mexico Border 
(T Th 10:30-11:50am)
Velma Garcia

HST 361 Seminar: Problems in the History of Spanish America and Brazil 
The Environmental History of Latin America
(T 1:00-2:50pm)
Sarah T. Hines

POR 221 Portuguese and Brazilian Literature and Culture 
Topic: Envisioning Lusofonia: Transnational Encounters and Imaginaries in Portuguese-Language Film
(M W 1:10-2:30pm)
Malcolm McNee
Offered Spring 2016 

SPN 230 Topics in Latin American and Peninsular Literature 
Topic: Female Visions of Mexico
(M W 2:40-4:00pm)
Patricia Gonzalez

SPN 230 Topics Latin American and Peninsular Literature 
Topic: Central American Poetry of Love and Revolution 
(M W 9:00-10:20am)
Nancy Saporta Sternbach

SPN 246 Topics in Latin American Literature 
Topic: Mirrors of the Self, or the Eye/I of the Artist 
(M W 2:40-4:00pm)
Silvia Berger

SPN 261 Survey of Latin American Literature II 
(T Th 10:30-11:50am)
MarĂ­a Helena Rueda

SPN 373 Seminar: Literary Movements in Spanish America 
Topic: Contesting Feminisms: Transnational and Indigenous Voices Rethinking Latin American Feminisms 
(W F 9:00-10:20am)
Michelle Joffroy