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Suzan Edwards, Astronomy
Cornelia Pearsall, English Language & Literature


  • Marjorie Amon '15, Comparative Literature, Religion
    Examining feminine sacred spaces and the idea of the female body as a sacred space within contemporary feminist spirituality movements

  • Shannon Audley-Piotrowski,
    Education & Child Studies

    Considering childrens’ peer groups as socially constructed spaces and investigating how and why some children easily cross the social borders of many groups while some cannot access even one

  • Darcy Buerkle, History
    Considering the impact of pedagogical spaces on teaching Jewish Studies in Germany, and examining how "guardianship" by the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors affects how the space of those survivors is asserted

  • Jon Caris, Environmental Science & Policy
    Exploring how unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are challenging the use of public and private airspace in the U.S. and the role geographic technologies might contribute to a solution

  • Sofia Contino '14, Comparative Literature
    Examining the construction and representation of cinematic spaces that embody the character’s psyche in Italian film

  • Donna Divine, Government
    Analyzing the visions of political community in the post-colonial Arab Middle East and whether they can be translated into lines drawn on a map

  • Suzan Edwards, Organizing Fellow,

    Studying the protoplanetary disks around young stars where planets are being formed

  • Gary Felder, Physics
    Examining the transition from the Big Bang through the period of inflation of space to the rich universe of particles and structures that we know

  • Christophe Golé, Mathematics & Statistics
    Exploring how describing a space with mathematical parameters can serve to catalog spaces, especially in situations where discrete lists fail to encompass a continuum of possibilities

  • Salman Hameed, Integrated Science & Humanties, Hampshire College
    Exploring the interaction of science, religion, and identity on the summit of the Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii, where astronomers have built telescopes on a space indigenous people consider sacred

  • Angie Hauser, Dance
    Exploring the shape of attention through performance, particularly how a dancerís spatial orientation and intention influence the audienceís experience of the performance place

  • Emma Kimata '14, Education & Child Study,
    Liberal Studies

    Examining how the layout of educational spaces influences student interactions, engagement and learning

  • Mary Jessica Lawrence '14, English Language & Literature
    Exploring the intersection of Christianity and the city in "Memorial for the City" and "For the Time Being,”
    two of W.H. Auden’s late, long poems

  • Jim Middlebrook, Art
    Considering the effects of "virtual" space and "augmented reality" technologies in architecture, society, and culture

  • Christina Nelson '14, Sociology
    Analyzing social inequality related to perceptions of public space use, particularly in the case of the bench removal and the subsequent community mobilization in Northampton, MA in the summer of 2013

  • Cornelia Pearsall, Organizing Fellow, English Language & Literature
    Exploring the tension articulated in late Victorian poetry between British theories and practices of aggressive imperial expansion and representations of melancholic dispossession



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