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Renaissances: A Multiplicity of Rebirths



Nalini Bhushan, Philosophy
Jay Garfield, Philosophy


  • Payal Banerjee, Sociology
    Tracing the historicity of the emerging notion of India's "Tech Renaissance."

  • Nalini Bhushan, Philosophy, Organizing Fellow
    Researching a history of philosophy in English during the British colonial period in India.

  • Margaret Dodge '12, Comparative Literature
    The Spanish Renaissance, specifically the influence of the Arab Caliphate on Spanish literature.

  • Lois Dubin, Religion
    The Jewish Enlightenment movement and emancipation politics in the 18th and 19th centuries in Western and Central Europe.

  • Dylan Farrell '12, Sociology & Study of Women & Gender
    The food renaissance, especially renewed interest in locally grown food and sustainable agriculture.

  • Jay Garfield, Philosophy, Organizing Fellow
    Researching a history of philosophy in English during the British colonial period in India.

  • Janelle Gatchalian '12, Art History
    The concept of "new" as defined by the 20th-century Italian avant-garde art group known as the Futurists.

  • Anna Hallman '13, Education & Child Study
    Billie Holiday's performance of the song "Strange Fruit," specifically how it instigated an evaluation of African-American experience in the U.S.

  • Rachel Johnson '12, History
    The concept of renaissance as it applies to the Pan-Indian movement of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

  • Barbara Kellum, Art
    The political and cultural transformation of the Roman world during the period of the Emperor Augustus.

  • Naomi Miller, English Language & Literature
    The romance of naissance in the narratives of authors during the rebirth of English culture during the period of Queen Elizabeth I.

  • Suleiman Mourad, Religion
    The Arab Renaissance, 'Asr al-Nahda, of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

  • Andrea Stone, English Language & Literature
    African Diasporic literature, specifically the text "Address of Abraham Johnstone, A Black Man, Who Was Hanged at Woodbury...New Jersey."

  • Frazer Ward, Art
    New Media Public Spheres and the Nature of Experience, specifically whether anything more than the context of experience has changed in relationship to new technologies.


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