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Organizing Fellow: Thomas Ciufo (Sherman-Fairchild Artist in Residence for Arts and Technology)

This project is intended to bring together Faculty Fellows from the arts and the sciences to visit each others’ work domains over the course of several weeks. Artists will tour the laboratories of scientists, and scientists will visit art studios, both to view their colleagues’ physical work spaces and to hear the occupants of these spaces explain what goes on there and why. Those who have agreed to let others visit their labs and studios will talk about what they do there; and will then pose questions and offer comments about what they see in the spaces of others. The aim of the project is to provide an opportunity for those accustomed to working and thinking among those who work and think in roughly similar ways, to engage and be engaged by those who work and think in radically different ways. In other words, Open Labs/Open Studios will be the occasion for artists and scientists to cross boundaries in order to stimulate the thinking of each in relation (and in reaction) to the other. Besides being fun and interesting, it is hoped that the experience may begin to forge a shared vocabulary for artists and scientists to engage with one another and to plant seeds for possible future joint projects.

In consultation with their inhabitants, several studios and labs will be selected for visits that will be scheduled at various points over the course of the current academic year. Once the schedule of visits has been concluded, the group will convene for a half-day colloquium for a broad discussion of impressions and ideas, with a view toward imagining the sorts of collaborations that might conceivably be hatched between working scientists and working artists.

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