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Neilson Professor Lecture I:
"Reading the Law Through a Feminist Lens"

Thursday, February 4, 7 p.m., Neilson Browsing Room

2016 Neilson Professor Martha Albertson Fineman, Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Law, Emory University School of Law, will examine the evolution in law that occurred when large numbers of women entered the profession and brought their life experiences into discussion.

Fineman will also address the development of feminist legal theory and the changed nature of legal and political subjectivity that have occurred during the past half-century.

First of three Neilson Lectures this spring. Open to all; refreshments served.

Futurisms II:

Intersections: Digital Humanities, Interactive Media and Cultural Heritage

Smith and Five College faculty are invited to apply for Part II of this short-term project collaboration between the Kahn Institute and the Museum of Art, taking place February 25-27, 2016, with keynote speaker Anne Balsamo, Dean of the School of Media Studies, The New School.