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"Memory and Imagination: Functions of Episodic Simulation and Retrieval"

Thursday, March 31, 5 p.m., McConnell 103

Daniel L. Schacter, William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of Psychology, Harvard Universitiy, will discuss the important function of memory in simulating or imagining future experiences. Studies have shown that simulating future events depends on much of the same neural and cognitive machinery as does remembering past events. Schacter will consider neural, cognitive and functional aspects of episodic simulation and episodic memory in contributing to a range of cognitive tasks.

Open to all; refreshments served 4:30-5 p.m., McConnell foyer.


View Neilson Professor Lectures

2016 Neilson Professor Martha Albertson Fineman, Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Law, Emory University School of Law, delivered three lectures this spring under the theme "Looking Beyond Gender Equality: Vulnerability, Resilience and Social Justice." Click on the following links to view Fineman's lectures in their entirety:


Neilson Lecture I (February 4, 2016): Reading the Law Through a Feminist Lens

Neilson Lecture II (February 25, 2016): Vulnerability and Social Justice

Neilson Lecture III (March 24, 2016): Vulnerability and Resilience: Crafting a Responsive State