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Mothers and Others: Reproduction, Representation, and the Body Politic



Ginetta Candelario
Sociology, Latin American Studies

Naomi Miller
English Language & Literature


  • Jena Andres '13, English Language & Literature
    The composition of a poetry collection responding to the Demeter-Persephone mythos used in Glück, Ostriker, and Dove's poetry. The collection will respond to the absence of the motherhood theme in the poetry of contemporary American women writers, and the prominence of mythic motherhood within this minimal theme. Each poem will aim to explore, respond to, and build upon the representations of maternal mythic figures in the specific source poem/s it corresponds with, using the voice of a mythic daughter.

  • Riché Barnes, Afro-American Studies
    How African-American professional women re-construct their gender ideologies and identities as mothers and wives alongside their position in the middle and upper-middle class

  • Marianne Bullock AC, American Studies
    Legal, historical and social issues and contexts of motherhood while incarcerated

  • Ginetta Candelario, Organizing Fellow
    Sociology, Latin American Studies

    The role of government legal and judicial systems in defining normative motherhood(s), promoting those norms, and punishing transgression or deviance from them

  • Liz Friedman, Program Director
    MotherWoman, Inc.

    The psychological experience of motherhood during the perinatal period

  • Ambreen Hai, English Language & Literature
    How contemporary writers represent servitude in conditions of globalization, modernity, and postcoloniality, especially in South Asia

  • Virginia Hayssen, Biological Sciences
    Exploring how reproduction fits into the lives of mammals and how the biology and history of mammals affects their reproductive patterns

  • Miliann Kang, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    Patterns of parenting by second generation Asian-American women

  • Henriette Kets de Vries, Cunningham Center
    Smith College Museum of Art

    Representations of wartime mothers in the art of German artist Käthe Kollwitz

  • Camille Kulig '13, Art History
    Exploring how visual contemporary artist Jenny Saville destabilizes the art historical tropes of the Madonna and child

  • Daphne Lamothe, Afro-American Studies
    The concept of motherland in contemporary novels of the African Diaspora that depict migrating subjects and transnational communities

  • Laura Malecky '13, Study of Women & Gender
    How Filipina mothers negotiate gender and sexuality norms as migrant workers, understanding how participation in the global economy is contingent on the performance of gender

  • Naomi Miller, Organizing Fellow,
    English Language & Literature

    The implications of gender in the authorship of socio-historical and literary texts representing maternity in early modern England

  • Marsha Pruett, School for Social Work
    How the mother-child dyad is supported, enriched and changed by the father-child and mother-child dyads; the combined influence of triadic models of family process and attachment on child development

  • Rebecca Raymond-Kolker '13,
    Latin American Studies

    Exploring the meanings of motherhood and mothering within writings of Chicana lesbians, investigating how these works articulate a written identity of Chicana lesbian mothers

  • Vera Shevzov, Religion
    The meaning and values associated with Mary and other sacred mothers as they are presented in the public media discourse about birthing and motherhood surrounding Russia's declining population

  • Eiko Strader, Sociology
    University of Massachusetts, Amherst

    How social inequalities are affected by motherhood and how work-family reconciliation policies mediate social inequalities cross-nationally



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