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Nicholas Howe, Computer Science
Fraser Stables, Art


  • Michael Barresi, Biological Sciences
    Scientifically examining images for data about how life develops, and considering how artistic manipulation can change perspectives of biological forms

  • Sonia Brown '14, Mathematics & Statistics, Linguistics
    Exploring the relationship between language and images, especially the role of images in language acquisition and comprehension

  • Janelle Gagnon '15, Cognitive Science
    Examining the types of mental images we produce while reading a narrative, and how those affect our engagement with the story

  • Pinky Hota, Anthropology
    Examining spoken images in political speech and their relationship with blasphemy and religious "injury"

  • Nicholas Howe, Organizing Fellow, Computer Science
    Analyzing images of historical manuscripts for style categorization and automated retrieval of relevant related documents

  • Frances Lazare '14, Art History
    Investigating images as a means for gaining insight into social and historical realities and examining their institutional display to understand the authority conferred upon the image

  • Maggie Lind, Smith College Museum of Art
    Investigating visual literacy within the context of the art museum and how interacting with art images can deepen critical thinking skills across disciplines

  • James Lowenthal, Astronomy
    Refining digital time-lapse sequences of photographs of astronomical and other scientific and natural subjects

  • Billie Mandle, Photography, Hamphsire College
    Exploring how the materiality of a photograph informs the meaning of an image

  • Shaina Roberts '14, Anthropology
    Analyzing the effect of exposure to still images on developmental psychology of children in the Middle East

  • George Robinson, Psychology
    Using computer-generated images that morph between faces differing by race, ethnicity, age and gender to learn how familiarity and attitude affect the way individuals interpret and categorize human faces

  • Ninette Rothmüller, Art
    Working transdisciplinarily between philosophy of the body, cultural studies, and art in an investigation of the interface of experience, embodiment and images

  • Fraser Stables, Organizing Fellow, Art
    Exploring relationships between material and symbolic content in still and moving images

  • Michele Wick, Psychology
    Examining connections between Kurt Vonnegut’s writing and a series of felt-pen drawings he produced in the 1980s

  • Sujane Wu, East Asian Languages & Literatures
    Investigating the relationship ​between words and images in Chinese calligraphy, painting, and film posters and trailers

  • Aiyi Zhang '15, Economics
    Using maps to examine the role of artistic entrepreneurs in the revitalization of Easthampton



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