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Joel Westerdale
German Studies

Craig Davis
English Language & Literature, Medieval Studies


  • Emily Atkinson '13, Anthropology
    Examining the formation of a psychopath/sociopath identity as interpreted by those who self-identify as psychopaths or sociopaths.

  • John Burk, Biological Sciences
    Exploring the relationship between evil and ecology and how perceptions of evil in the natural sciences and natural phenomena are applied to wildlife management.

  • Justin Cammy, Jewish Studies
    Developing an annotated translation of Vilna Ghetto, the Yiddish memoirs of Abraham Stuzkever, one of the leading Yiddish poets of the Holocaust.

  • Kristen Connor '12, Anthropology, History
    Analyzing the language of "evil," foreignness, and moral degradation by the press and Evangelical megachurches in the Ugandan homosexuality debates.

  • Craig Davis, English Language & Literature, Medieval Studies; Organizing Fellow
    Exploring what the poem Beowulf reveals about the origins and ongoing nature of violence in human affairs.

  • Thomas Derr, Religion
    Considering issues of environmental ethics, "natural evil" (i.e., events in nature that are destructive to human interests), and theodicy.

  • Ellen Kaplan, Theatre
    Developing a new play that is a study of rivalry, rejection, intimacy, and fear in the relationship of two first-time mothers struggling with violence within the psyche.

  • Gillian Kendall, English Language & Literature
    Assessing representations of the Apocalypse as a time of "horror" in Shakespeare's plays, with a focus on Macbeth.

  • Joshua Miller, School for Social Work
    Examining violence, healing, and the concepts and processes of justice among the Acholi people of Northern Uganda, who were forced to commit atrocities and who were brutalized during the country's civil war.

  • Clifton "Jerry" Noble, Music
    Investigating connections between evil and music, including whether there are physical, acoustic, or sonic properties that cause people to consider certain music "evil".

  • Samantha Noble '12, English Language & Literature
    Analyzing techniques and strategies used to identify a character as "evil" in theatrical plays, then applying them to develop a new play.

  • Thalia Pandiri, Classics
    Preparing an edition, with translation and commentary, of a theatrical exorcism performed by Hildegard of Bingen to cure a woman possessed by the devil.

  • Eric Reeves, English Language & Literature
    Examining what motivates acts of continuing cruelty and destruction in Sudan, the relationship between religion and ideology, and how the notions and vocabulary of "evil" are developed.

  • Emily Rider-Longmaid '12, Chemistry
    Exploring the role of peer review and data analysis in human experimentation by Nazi doctors, and the ethical codes developed as a result of their actions.

  • Hannah Shadrick '12, Philosophy
    Considering how existential philosophy accounts for and responds to the existence of evil, specifically focusing on human cruelty in the corpus of Simone de Beauvoir.

  • Joel Westerdale, German Studies; Organizing Fellow
    Illuminating the role of emergent technologies, folk narratives, and international marketing strategies in our culture's fascination with literary and filmic manifestations of evil in early Weimar films.

  • Alexandra Zaleski '12, History & Medieval Studies
    Examining J.R.R. Tolkien's and C.S. Lewis's defense of fantasy and science fiction as vehicles to explore and understand the problem of evil.

  • Madeline Zehnder '13, Music and English
    Language & Literature

    Considering how the early American satirists Washington Irving, Mark Twain, and Edgar Allen Poe borrow from folk characterizations of the devil in their works.



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