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Maria Rueda, Spanish & Portuguese
Frazer Ward, Art

People. Things. Buildings. Habitats. Ways of life. Species. Technologies. Reputations. Memories. Affections. Everything disappears. Still, the forms, means, and valences of disappearance vary widely, as do the means of its representational capture. This yearlong project hopes to bring together faculty across fields whose work deals with the implications and the meanings associated with disappearance—its polyvalent quality and its power to transform consciousness. How does disappearance produce cultural forms and artifacts; how does it create effects that are both visible and obscure? How is disappearance represented politically, historically, scientifically, spiritually? Working across disciplinary boundaries, considering the ways in which disappearance is studied and described across fields, we hope to expand our understanding of how what has disappeared shapes and gives meaning to what is left behind. Click here for more information on this project.



Judith Cardell, Engineering
Alice Hearst,Government

Privacy is often referred to as a fundamental right. We see it as an inviolate characteristic of democracy, protected by the courts and celebrated as a core principle of American citizenship. As a constitutional concept, privacy means the protection of bodily integrity, private thoughts and actions, and the sanctity of intimate and familial relations. The right to privacy sets us apart from other societies where the boundaries between public and private are blurred. This semester-long project will examine the controversial nature of privacy, our right to it and our ability to project it. We hope to build a conversation across disciplines about the pros and cons, the limits and definitions of privacy in the modern world. The objective of the project will be to end the semester with a richer understanding of how we define our right to privacy and what it means to protect this right. Click here for more information on this project.


Cross-Cultural Collaboration: A One-day Seminar with Film Producer David Weismanon the 30th anniversary of the release of Kiss of the Spider Woman



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