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Placing Space



Suzan Edwards, Astronomy
Cornelia Pearsall, English Language & Literature

Space surrounds us. Space fills us. We shape space and it shapes us. We inhabit it, map it, create it, imagine it. Dancers move across space, writers describe it, engineers design it, and physicists define it. The agoraphobic feel threatened by too much of it, the claustrophobic too little. The conceptual status of space differs across disciplines as well as across different kinds of discourses and modes of representation. But is space real? Is it a physical entity or a symbolic one? Is it absolute or relational? In this project, we are interested in exploring the place of space in the broadest range of disciplines. Our intention is to open space up to inquiry, recognizing the ways that space can seem simultaneously restricted and boundless, ordered and chaotic; the way it can extend across vast reaches of the universe, or be localized to a home, a room, a grave. Click here for more information on this project.

Regarding Images



Nicholas Howe, Computer Science
Fraser Stables, Art

We are a visual species: the human visual cortex is the largest sensory system in the brain. Humans have intentionally created and manipulated visual stimuli to construct images with a specific depictional purpose for at least 35,000 years. Around the world, human beings have long relied on images both to make sense of their environment and to tell stories to one another. The production of images—imaging—has played a central role in our search for beauty and truth in many fields, scientific and artistic, and yet we also create images that are meant to deceive, beguile, and enchant us. This project will explore the social, aesthetic, and technological aspects of imaging, investigating images as conveyers of meaning, whether innate or contrived. Click here for more information on this project.


Fall 2013:

Spring 2014:


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