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Altering Bodies and Minds



Barbara Brehm-Curtis
Exercise & Sport Studies

Nicholas Horton
Mathematics & Statistics


  • Chris Aiken, Dance
    Connections between physicality or embodiment and intention and the imagination, especially in dance

  • Barbara Brehm-Curtis, Organizing Fellow,
    Exercise & Sport Studies

    Nutrition and health, how people attempt to change their behavior to alter physical and emotional health

  • Katherine Dymek '14, Biological Sciences
    Chemical and pharmaceutical treatments for mental health issues and distinctions between addiction and treatment

  • Samantha Floyd '14, Linguistics, Government
    Ethical, legal and judicial implications of mind-altering treatments

  • Patricia Gonzalez, Spanish & Portuguese
    Altering minds in search of mystical experiences, especially the use of natural substances to transcend this life and explore others

  • Adam Hall, Biological Sciences
    Molecular mechanisms of anesthetics and what anesthesia can tell us about consciousness

  • Nicholas Horton, Organizing Fellow,
    Mathematics & Statistics

    Understanding eating disorders to inform future prevention and treatment efforts

  • Kaja Katamay AC, English Language & Literature
    How human minds are affected by and are changing in response to technology

  • Rachel McDonald '14, Sociology
    The development, practice and politics associated with using mind-altering drugs across various art mediums in the 20th and 21st century

  • James Miller, Economics
    Using technology to improve human bodies and minds; eugenics, cognitive enhancing drugs and brain fitness video games

  • Beth Powell, Psychology
    Addiction to non-drug substances and activities, in particular body modification, with an emphasis on whether people can become addicted to body alterations such as tattoos, piercings, and tanning

  • Denise Rochat, French Studies
    Extreme cosmetic surgery, specifically the impact of grafting the full human face of one individual onto the head of another

  • Alexandra Russell-Oliver '14, Classical Studies
    Connections between the mind and language and the impact of altering the mind on language, especially in conditions such as autism

  • Marjorie Senechal, Mathematics & History of Science
    Investigating the demise of the distinction between "psychic" and "physical" addictions

  • Dana Sherwood AC, Psychology
    Body image, health, obesity and eating disorders

  • Jane Stangl, Exercise & Sport Studies
    The cultural debate around obesity, mediated constructions and manipulations of the body, prosthetic devices and cyborg technologies, tattoos, and the laboring body as machinated and computerized


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