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Student Liaisons 2014-2015


Sasha Gayle-Schneider '16

Laura Lubben '16

After taking my first-year seminar on Jerusalem with Prof. Cammy, I became more and more interested in Jewish literature and history. While majoring in economics, I found that I could truly explore my passions through a minor in the Jewish studies department. This has allowed me the freedom to take literature, history, and political science focused classes all under one very interdisciplinary minor. The department have allowed me to find the perfect balance between my various interests. 

Sasha Gayle-Schneider '16

I have always been fascinated by Jewish texts, culture, and philosophy. The multitude of academic resources that Smith and the Five Colleges have to offer allows me to deepen and complement my understanding of Jewish civilization, and to do so through my particular interests in ritual, nationalism and racialized identities. Please come and speak to me to learn more about the Program, its faculty, and its courses!


Alumnae Majors in Jewish Studies

Emily Rothman'15 Lisa Meyers '11
Kayla Blum '15 Elizabeth Niehoff '11
Danya Bocarsly '14 Rebecca Peterson'11
Brittany Caine '14 Amelia Stehn '11
Sophie Fierst '14 Andria Davis '10
Sarah Greenberg '14 Elizabeth Jacobson '10
Allison Wessells '14 Yael Langer '10
Emily Dennen '13 Rachel Srebro '10
Carole Renard '13 Chantel Braley '10
Katy Swartz '13 Rhian Roberts'10
Casey Zierler '13 Samantha Glashaw '09
Rachel Wetmore '12 Emily Pratt '09
Anna Allen'11 Sarah Goeppinger '08
Reyna Levine '11 Sheira Schiff '08
  Gabrielle Thal Pruzan '08

Alumnae in Self Designed Majors in Jewish Studies

Kara Spezeski '95 Alisa Klein '91
Rachel Kotok '94 Amy Trachtenberg '91
Danielle Conhaim '94 Jennifer Roemer '91
Heidi Meikrantz '93 Stacey Bloom '91
Lisa DeCarolis-Osepowicz '93 Nancy Polsky '91
Shoshanna Korn-Meyer '93 Suzette Rodriquez '91
Rachel Janow '93 Linda Hamo '90
Elizabeth Dembitzer '92 Mary Reynolds '88
Jennifer Gilbert-Kaufmann '92 Michele Gessman '88
Liza Cristol-Deman '92 Rebecca Yazel '88
Sharon Goldberg '92 Sara Silverman '88
Abagail Goldberg '92 Heidi Janow '88