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We've designed this series to accompany you, the student writer, as you make your way through the writing process. One of the first steps toward successful essay writing is to break the task into stages, and our series will help you do that.

We don't pretend to explain every stylistic nuance or arcane grammar point. Nor do we explore every genre in which you may be asked to write at some point. Nor is this series meant to take the place of a writing conference with a professional writing counselor or a student writing assistant, still the most effective way to improve your writing and yourself as a writer.

This series does, however, aim to offer advice and strategies relevant to the main issues most writers confront. If your writing task is the most common of all writing tasks at Smith—the classic 4-6 page academic essay—we think you'll find it most helpful.

#1 Writing: Getting Started >

#2 Writing: The First Draft >

#3 Writing: Types of Essays >

#4 Writing: Introductions and Conclusions >

#5 Writing: Paragraphs and Transitions >

#6 Revising: Higher and Lower Order Concerns >

#7 Revising: Style >

#8 Revising: Fragments and Run-On Sentences >

#9 Revising: Eleven Trouble Spots in Subject-Verb Agreement >

#10 Revising: Five Trouble Spots in Pronoun Agreement >

#11 Revising: Effective Use of Punctuation >

#12 Revising: Effective Use of Sources >

#13 Revising: Polishing and Proofing >

#14 English Language Learners: Grammar >

#15 Lab Reports >




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