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At the Jacobson Center, we offer you a variety of skill-building workshops over the course of the academic year. Check our News page for the schedules, or phone or drop in at the Center to see when we’re offering the workshops that you want to take.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Grammar But We’re Afraid to Ask

If you suffer from grammar phobia—if you are unsure about grammatical usage and terms, this workshop will ease your fears. In this workshop you will learn the ten most frequent grammar and usage errors made by student writers and tips on how to avoid them.

Time Management.  Procrastination: Attitude, Habits, Motivation

Whether you are confident, concerned or confused, this workshop will help in your preparation for achieving your goals at Smith College. In this workshop you will explore the amount of time you really have for studying. We will figure out how to use your time efficiently while leaving some time for career planning and relaxation. Bring your schedule for the upcoming semester.

Overcoming Writing Anxiety

This workshop will present techniques for beginning writing assignments, understanding and overcoming writer’s block, and dealing with writing anxiety. Bring your angst!


This workshop will help you develop note-taking skills through practice and theory. You will be led through the activities surrounding thorough note taking and revision of notes. You will also learn about an organizational system for your course work. Bring a pen or pencil.

Exam Preparation

The questions “How do I know what to study?” “How do I study?” and “When should I start studying for exams?” will be addressed in this workshop. You should leave this workshop with a plan to approach your studying. Bring a syllabus and notes from a previous or current class.

Effective Reading

This workshop will suggest reading strategies that will enable you to handle the heavy load of college reading more efficiently. When you become an active reader, you also become a student in control of her work rather than a passive page-turner.

Working With Sources

Academic writers spend much time thinking and writing about what other writers have written before them, what they call their source materials. This does not mean that writing from sources is easy, however. Handling source materials can be tricky, difficult, and confusing, even for experienced writers. This workshop provides guidelines and strategies for when, where, and how to summarize, quote, and paraphrase; its goal is to make college writers more confident and effective handlers of source materials. The technical rules for quoting (short and block quotations) and citing sources are also reviewed.

Editing Your Prose

This workshop will review practical editing techniques to strengthen your writing. We’ll discuss active and passive voice, word choice, and issues of audience and tone.




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