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Many students are unaware that their computers are sharing copyrighted files. Because of the functionality built into peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing software such as Kazaa and Grokster, copyrighted audio and video files on your computer may be available to others for downloading over the Internet without your knowledge or permission.

Smith’s Policy on the Acceptable Use of Computer Resources prohibits downloading, making available for download to others, or using copyrighted audio, video, images, text, or software without permission of the copyright owner. 

Any copyright violation notices that Smith receives are treated seriously and processed following the procedures outlined in the College’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy.

For a first violation of the policy, the student is notified and asked to remove the relevant material and/or software.

A repeat violation results in immediate removal of the student’s computer access privileges and referral of the matter to the College Judicial Board for adjudication.

If you are using or have ever installed a P2P file-sharing application on your computer, we strongly recommend that you remove it even if you never use it.

To remove an installed application on a Windows computer:

  1. Go to Start, then Control Panel.

  2. Double-click on Programs and Features.

  3. Select the application and click on the Uninstall button in the top heading.

To remove an installed application on a Mac:

  1. Open the Applications folder.

  2. Drag the application to the Trash or ctrl-click on the application icon and select Move to Trash.

If you choose not to remove the application, you must ensure that your computer does not share copyrighted materials with others unless you have specific permission from the copyright owner.

The following Northern Illinois University website provides instructions for disabling file-sharing on many popular peer-to-peer programs:

The following are examples of legal music download sites:

Audio Lunchbox

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