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HP LaserJet printers that have the letter D in their model name (D, DT, DN, or  DTN) have built-in duplexing (double-sided printing) capability. These printers support 8.5 x 11, A4, 8.5 x13 and legal paper sizes.

Note: Do not print on both sides of labels, transparencies, or vellum. You may damage the printer.

Click on the link for your operating system below for instructions on adjusting your printer settings to support duplex printing, then printing a duplexed document:

Windows XP
Windows 7
Macintosh OS X


Windows XP
  1. Click on the Start button and select Settings, then Printers and Faxes.

  2. In the Printers and Faxes window, right-click on the appropriate printer.

  3. From the dropdown menu select Properties.

  4. The Properties window will show different tabs depending on the specific printer driver installed on your computer. Click on either the Device Settings tab or the Configure tab

  5. If you have the Device Settings tab, as shown below:

    1. Scroll through the list of settings until you locate Installable Options, then Duplex Unit (for 2-Sided Printing) under it. 

    2. If the setting reads Not Installed, click on the Not Installed text. When the drop-down menu appears, select Installed

    3. Click OK to close the Properties window, then the Printer window. You should now be able to print on both sides of the page in most software applications. 

  6. If you have the Configure tab, as shown below, make sure there is a check mark next to Duplexing Unit in the Paper Handling Options area. Click OK to close the Properties window, then the Printer window.

    With Duplexing selected, you should now be able to print on both sides of the page in most software applications.

Printing Double-Sided Documents

Even if a printer has duplex installed, you will not be able to initiate duplex printing using the Print button on an application toolbar.*  Instead, you must open the Print dialog box and explicitly select duplexing, as follows:
  1. Open a document you wish to print double-sided.  Click on the File Menu and select Print. The Print dialog box appears.

  2. Click on the Properties or the Preferences button (programs vary in language). The Document Properties dialog box appears with the Layout Tab selected .

  3. In the Print on Both Sides area, select Flip on Long Edge.   Note if you do nothing else your document will be bound on the long left edge portrait like the illustration.

    Note:  If the Print on Both Sides is not available to you return to the top of these instructions you as need to tell the printer driver that duplexing is available.

  4. Selecting Flip on Short Edge will display short-edge portrait duplexing. 

  5. Click on the OK button to return to the Application's Print dialog box.

  6. You are now ready to select the page range or change the number of copies before sending the document to the Printer.

    Note: Duplex settings will hold until you close the application or change the Print Properties and the Layout Options back to None for printing on both sides.
*NOTE: If you would like your default setting to be double-sided printing, you must install a specific duplex driver for your printer. Click on the link below to go to the Hewlett-Packard website, where you can download duplex drivers for HP printers:
Hewlett Packard Printer Drivers

Duplexing on Letterhead or Preprinted Forms

If you don't know how to place letterhead stationery or preprinted forms in the paper tray of your printer so they will print correctly, pull down the printer's manual feed tray or pull out the paper tray and check the diagrams showing how paper should be positioned in the tray.  

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Windows 7
  1. From the Start menu, choose Run.

  2. In the Open field, enter: \\stuff\data\Userfiles

  3. When the directory window opens, double-click to open PrinterDrivers&User Guide.

  4. Scroll down until you can double-click on Universal Print Driver Windows 7 64-bit.exe to start the installation process.

  5. In the Security Warning window, click Run.

  6. In the WinZip Self-Extractor window, click Unzip. When the unzipping is done, click OK.

  7. The HP Universal Printing Installer window will open. Click Yes to accept the license agreement.

    Capture HP wizard 1.PNG

  8. In the Installation Mode window, choose Dynamic Mode, then click Install, then Finish.

    Capture HP wizard 2.PNG

  9. In the Devices and Printers window, right-click on HP Universal Printing PCL6 and choose Set as Default. You should see a green checkmark beside the printer.

  10. Right-click on HP Universal Printing PCL6 again and choose Printing Preferences.

  11. In the HP Universal Printing PCL 6 window, click on Search for the Network Printers and select HP LaserJet P4015.


  12. Click in the checkbox beside Add this printer to my Printers and Faxes folder, then click OK.

Preparing to Print Double-Sided Documents

  1. From the Start menu, select Control Panel, then Devices and Printers.

  2. In the Devices and Printers window, right-click on HP LaserJet P4015 and choose Set as Default from the pop-up menu.

  3. Right-click on HP LaserJet P4015 again and choose Printing Preferences.

  4. On the Printing Shortcuts tab, click on Eco-print (Two-sided Printing).

    Capture print pref.PNG

  5. Click OK and you're done. All your print jobs should now be double-sided by default.
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Macintosh OS X
  1. Open a Safari or Firefox window and go to http://localhost:631/printers

    Note: If you receive a Security warning, click on Understand the Risk and Get the Certificate.

  2. The Printers page will open in a new tab or window. Find your printer in the Queue Name list on the left and click on its name.

  3. Open the Administration menu under the printer name and select Set Default Options.

  4. On the Set Default Options page, under Options Installed, locate Duplex Unit. Make sure the Installed button is selected.

  5. Click on the General link, as shown below.

  6. On the Two-Sided menu, select: Long-Edge Binding

  7. Click on the Set Default Options button.

  8. At the prompt, enter the administrative username and password for your Mac, then click OK.

Printing a Single Sided Document

When a printer has duplex installed as the default you are able to print duplex from all your programs.  Word, Excel, Adobe Reader .....etc.   However, to print a single sided document you must select a new page layout per document.

  1. Open a document you wish to print in a single page manner.  Click the File Menu and select Print.   (do not click on the printer icon)

  2. Enter the number of copies or pages to print now before you turn off the duplex.

  3. From the Copies and Pages drop-down menu, select Layout.

  4. From the Two-Sided area, select Off.  Note that the sample will change to show  how the document will print.

  5. Click the Print button to send the document to the printer.

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