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Creating a quiz in Moodle is a two-step process. First, create the quiz activity and set options to specify how students will interact with the quiz. Second, add questions to the quiz.

When your quiz is complete, you may wish to preview and edit it. After students have taken the quiz, you can view their attempts and grade open-ended questions.

1. Creating the quiz activity
2. Adding questions to your quiz
3. Previewing & editing a quiz
4. Viewing student attempts and grading a quiz

1. Creating the Quiz Activity

To create a quiz, go to your course Moodle page and turn editing on. Click the Add an activity drop-down menu in the section where you'd like the quiz to appear, and choose Quiz.

Type in a name for your quiz. This name will appear on your course Moodle page. Next, set up the options for your quiz.


Open the quiz, Close the quiz: This controls when students can attempt the quiz. Outside of this range they will see the quiz activity on the main page, but cannot attempt it. Note that students CAN see the quiz introduction before the quiz is open and after it closes, unless you specify that they cannot see it in the options below.

Time limit: If a time limit is set for the quiz, a floating timer window showing a countdown appears during a student’s quiz attempt. When the timer has run out, the quiz is submitted automatically with whatever answers have been filled in so far. By default there is no time limit on quizzes.


Attempts allowed: Instructors may allow students to make multiple attempts on a quiz. This can make the quiz more of an educational activity rather than simply an assessment tool. If the quiz is randomized then the student will get a new version for each attempt.

Each attempt builds on the last: If multiple attempts are allowed and this setting is set to Yes, then each new attempt contains the results of the previous attempt. This allows the student on the new attempt to concentrate on just those questions that were answered incorrectly on the previous attempt.

Adaptive mode: Adaptive questions allow students to have multiple attempts at the question before moving on to the next question. The adaptive question can adapt itself to the student's answer, for example by giving some hints before asking the student to try again. In most cases, instructors will want to leave this set to No.

Review Options

These checkboxes let you control when students can see their own answers, the correct answers, and any feedback you've entered. Note that the third column, "After the quiz is closed," only comes into play if the instructor has set a closing date in the Timing section above.


Require network address: Use this option if you want to require students to take the quiz in a certain location.

To require the quiz to be taken on campus, enter (including the trailing period): 131.229.

To require the quiz to be taken in the Wright computer lab, enter: 131.229.56., 131.229.57.

To require the quiz to be taken in the Seelye computer lab, enter: 131.229.34., 131.229.35.

To require the quiz to be taken in Wright or Seelye labs, enter: 131.229.56., 131.229.57., 131.229.34., 131.229.35.

Overall Feedback

Overall feedback is shown to a student after they have completed an attempt at the quiz. The text that is shown can depend on the grade the student got.

For example, if you entered:

Grade boundary: 100%

Feedback: "Well done"

Grade boundary: 40%

Feedback: "Please study this week's work again"

Grade boundary: 0%

Then students who score between 100% and 40% will see the "Well done" message, and those who score between 39.99% and 0% will see "Please study this week's work again". That is, the grade boundaries define ranges of grades, and each feedback string is displayed to scores within the appropriate range.

Grade boundaries can be specified either as a percentage, for example "31.41%", or as a number, for example "7". If your quiz is out of 10 marks, a grade boundary of 7 means 7/10 or better. Note that the maximum and minimum grade boundaries (100% and 0%) are set automatically.

You can set as many or as few grade boundaries as you wish. The form offers up to 5 feedback ranges at first, but you can add more by clicking the "Add 3 fields to form" button underneath.

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2. Adding Questions to Your Quiz

When you create a quiz and save it, you will be taken to the Question Bank and prompted to add questions to your quiz. The Question Bank holds all questions for a given Moodle course and allows you to reuse questions in more than one quiz.

Category: Questions can be divided into categories. You can decide how to categorize questions. Some instrutors categorize questions by which quiz they belong to, which topic they cover, etc. If you are using questions from an existing category, choose that category from the drop-down to add questions to the quiz.

Create new question: Use this drop-down to add questions to the Question Bank.

Types of questions: Click the blue question-mark circle to learn about the different types of questions you can create.

Adding questions to a quiz

Once you have created questions or selected an existing category, you can add questions to your quiz. Available questions will be listed below the Create a New Question drop-down menu.

Clicking the arrow icon next to each question will add that question to the quiz. You can also use the checkboxes (or the Select All link) to select multiple questions to add to the quiz all at once.

Note: The Question Bank can also be accessed directly from your course’s main page by clicking the Questions link in the Administraton block, but you will not be able to add questions directly to a quiz.

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3. Previewing and Editing a Quiz

From your course page, click on the quiz. As the instructor, you will see four tabs across the top of the page: Info, Results, Preview, and Edit. Use the Preview tab to view the quiz as students will see it, and the Edit tab to add or remove questions.

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4. Viewing Student Attempts and Grading a Quiz

Click the Results tab to view student attempts. Use the links at the top of the page to manually grade open-ended questions.

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