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WordPress is Smith’s platform for creating blogs and websites. WordPress sites at Smith are used in both teaching and research, and projects range from using a traditional chronological blog format to provide ongoing updates about topics or for students to submit assignments, to the creation of static pages of media-rich content.

Who is using WordPress?

Faculty across all academic divisions are using the Smith installation of WordPress in their courses and research. Smith faculty use WordPress sites to achieve a variety of pedagogical goals - from exhibition of media-rich academic work, to collaborative student writing to facilitating communication between Smith students and students elsewhere around the world.

In addition, WordPress sites are being used by groups of faculty and students at Smith and across the five colleges who are engaged in such endeavors as digital humanities projects, collaborative research and courses that are taught across more than one institution.

How can I set up or support a WordPress site?

Smith faculty can set up a WordPress site by contacting Deborah Keisch in ETS at

For support in accessing an existing WordPress site, contact the USC at X4187.

For content and design support for an existing site, please see the following online resources:

Smith WordPress How To: WordPress tutorials: