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Final Cut Pro X
Video production software are numerous but only two are industry standards for professional work.  Many smaller software packages have tools for the simplest edits such as clipping the ends of a video recording, creating transitions, and writing titles and credits.

Smith College's Center for Media Production uses Final Cut Pro X, the most widely-used, professional level video editing software.  With Final Cut Pro X it is possible to edit multicam footage and to animate motion graphics. Sound editing is included so additional software isn't needed to complete a video project.

Who is using Final Cut Pro?

ARS162 - Lucretia Knapp, Fraser Staples, Yolo Monokov
ARX340 - Susan VanDyne, Digital Narratives
BIO323 - Michael Barresi, Stem Cell Documentaries
CHM222 - Maria Bikar, Chemistry Lab Demonstrations
Glenn Ellis - Talk To Me Project
ESS230 - Jane Stangl, Digital Narratives
FLS280 - Lucretia Knapp
FLS282 - Bernadine Mellis
SPN290 - Molly Falsetti, Digital Narratives
SWG230 - Lisa Armstrong, Community Garden Documentary
Jill deVilliers - STRIDE Eye Tracking Project

In addition to course support, over 300 faculty, staff and students use Final Cut to edit independent productions.

What the research says about student learning and Final Cut Pro:

Producing video provides students with an impactful experience that facilitates deep learning. The process of creating a video dramatically increases: (1) students ability to critically challenge concepts in a chosen discipline; (2) students ability to communicate topics; (3) and students retention of course material.

How can I examine Final Cut Pro for myself?

Visit the Digital Video Lab in the Center for Media Production or the VCRC in Hillyer to explore editing with FCPX.

Contact Kate Lee, x2889 or, for more information.