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Lecture Capture

Lecture capture is an umbrella term describing any technology that allows instructors to record what happens in their classrooms and make it available digitally. In its simplest form, lecture capture might be an audio recording made with an iPod; alternatively, the term might refer to a software capture program that records cursor movement, typing, or other on-screen activity. Lecture capture systems offer three important benefits: an alternative when students miss class; an opportunity for content review; and content for online course development. Lecture capture enhances and extends existing instructional activities, whether in face-to-face, fully online, or blended learning environments.---Educause

At Smith, we use Panopto. The recording software is installed on every classroom computer. Recordings are automatically available via Moodle. Contact ETS to have your course set up to use lecture capture.

Who is using lecture capture?

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Music, ETS, SSW, Spanish, Computer Science, Faculty Candidate Searches, Economics, Neilson Library, Arabic, SWAG, American Studies.

What the research says:

1. From University of Wisconsin-Madison's pilot project on lecture capture: students can view these lectures through streaming video. Recorded lectures help students to review the material, unravel difficult concepts, double-check their notes, and spend more time getting a fuller understanding of the lecture content. Students can view these lectures on their own time and also review a prior lecture to prepare for the next one.

2. The Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence, Pennsylvania State University: general trends in lecture capture research over the designated timeframe generally show positive results. Most studies indicate students find the ability to watch recorded lectures a positive influence on their educational experience. Common reasons for leveraging lecture capture by students include convenience, reviewing for exams, enhancing their understanding of concepts from class, note taking, and reviewing materials if they missed class.

How can I examine lecture capture for myself?


Additionally, we have support materials for Panopto in the Flipped Classroom Moodle course. This is a test course for experimenting with lecture capture. Contact Deborah Keisch Polin,, or Aisha Gabriel,

Online resources:

Discussion boards for sharing information:

Educause 7 Things You Should Know About Lecture Capture,

Lecture Capture: A Guide to Effective Use. Erping Zhu.