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Web/Video Conferencing

1. Web conferencing applications connect people by voice and imaging on computers or mobile devices. Rather like a phone call in which the callers can see and hear each other, web conferencing makes meetings of any sort possible among people in different locations.  Instructors can bring guest presenters into the classroom for live interaction with students. Using tablets or other mobile devices, web conferencing can be done wherever wifi connection or cellular signal is available.

At Smith, applications such as GoToMeeting and Google Plus Hangouts make web conferencing a common event in offices and classrooms. We do not encourage the use of Skype because of privacy issues.


2. Video conferencing refers to two-way simultaneous audio/video telecommunication for group contact in remote locations.  A video conferencing room has equipment singularly purposed to make this kind of transmission.  Meeting or class participants gather in a video conferencing room in order to communicate live with people in a similar room.

The Smith College Center for Media Production's video conferencing room provides real time interactive exchange of high definition video, voice, and data with other video conferencing facilities around the world.  The video conferencing room, upgraded in 2012, is state of the art with three display screens and an easy to use Extron touch screen controller.

ETS also supports a portable unit that can be taken to any campus classroom.

Who is using web or video conferencing:

How can I explore web or video conferencing for myself?
Visit the video conferencing room in the Center for Media Production, lower level of the Alumnae Gym.

If you are bringing a guest into your classroom via web or video conferencing we can help. Contact: Jeff Heath, x2955,, to schedule or to learn more.

Online resources:

To access Google +Hangout click the +(yourname) on the left side of the menu in your Smith Mail.