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  Tom Laughner
Seelye Hall B7
  Jo Cannon
Assistant Director
Seelye Hall B5
  Marty Bimbane
Senior Audiovisual Engineer
Alumnae Gym C93
  Jacy Birdsong
Classroom Support Technologist
Seelye Hal B3
  Dan Bridgman
Applications Admin Visual Arts
Fine Arts Center, Hillyer 327
  Sandy Bycenski
Media/Systems Support Specialist78
Alumnae Gym C/11
(413) 585-2945
  Moses Diaz (starting August 2)
Classroom and Event Support Supervisor
Seelye B2
  Yasmin Eisenhauer
Instructional Technologist
Seelye Hall B9
  Jeff Heath
Video Technologies Administrator
Center for Media Production
Alumnae Gym C94
  Deborah Keisch
Instructional Technologist
Seelye Hall B9
  Kate Lee
Senior Media Producer
Alumnae Gym C/10A
  Tammy Lockett
Online Instructional Designer
Seelye Hall B9
Applications Administrator
Seelye Hall
(413) 585-4487

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