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The deadline for proposals is October 16, 2015. Please provide all the information that applies to you.

Full name
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Course Information


Title of proposed course (should not exceeed 12 words)


Dates of Proposed Course

Write "1" next to week most preferable, and "2" next to an alternative week. If your course carries over into another week, please mark the first week with 1a and the second week with 1b. Classes begin the second week of the interterm period.


Week One: January 4 - 8
Week Two: January 11 - 15
No preference (give me either week)


Times of Proposed Course

For scheduling purposes, please try to offer your course at the same time for each day of the week. Mark "1" next to the most preferable time and "2" next to an alternative time.


9:30–11:30 a.m.
1–3:30 p.m.
3:15–5:15 p.m.
No preference (give me any time slot)


Class Description


Maximum enrollment
Estimated cost per student for materials: photocopying, art supplies, etc. Itemize, be specific
Type of space needed for the class: Seminar room, dance studio, etc.
Special requirements for room equipment: Overhead projector, TV monitor, floor mats, etc.


Course Proposal


Cut and paste your course proposal into this text box. Your course proposal should not exceed 300 words.


Brief Course Description


Please write a brief course description (50 to 100 words), which may appear verbatim in the interterm catalogue if your course is selected.


Personal Statement


Please write a brief personal statement. Your personal statement should give us an idea of why you are qualified to teach the course.


Do you have questions or need advice about how to write your proposal? Contact Tina Zaengle, tzaengle@smith.edu.