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The Office for International Students & Scholars holds seminars and workshops during the year. The office also advises the International Students Organization, and helps showcase their events. Please check periodically to see when the next event or workshop is scheduled.

Open Office Hours

Have a Question? Need something signed? Want to know more about something?

Come to our ISSO open office hours, held every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2-4pm on a first-come, first-served basis. If you cannot make it during those hours, feel free to contact the office to make an appointment.


Do you need your I-20 signed?

Your I-20 must be signed on the 3rd page each year to authorize you for travel. Sara and Dean Caitlin available to sign your I-20 from now until the end of the semester. Please stop into the ISSO-- if they are both busy, you can leave your I-20, and they'll sign it for you and you can pick it up later.

Each signature is valid for 12 months for regular travel. If you are planning to renew your US visa while you're home, that signature must be from the past 6 months. Check your signature before you leave!

Are you abroad and need an I-20 signed?

Please send your I-20 to our office as soon as you can:

Caitlin Szymkowicz

Office for International Students & Scholars

Wright Hall 125

Smith College

Northampton, MA 01063

ISSO Feedback Friday!

Every FRIDAY, April 3 – May 8
12:15 PM – 1:15 PM
Lounge outside of Lewis Global Studies Center
Bring your own lunch!

Have a great summer job?

Check with ISSO and see if you need CPT. CPT applications are due May 1st. Read more about CPT on our website: http://smith.edu/interstudents/employment_cpt.ph.

*If you are a graduating senior and plan to work or volunteer in the US after graduating, you must have OPT authorization.  If you have not applied for OPT yet, please make an appointment to meet with Dean Caitlin ASAP.


Spring 2015 Global Lecture Series
Security, Immigration, Forced Displacement, Refugees, and Development

This Global Lecture Series brings together scholars, students, and local partner agencies and organizations working with or for refugees and immigrants to explore the complex social, political, and ethical issues that arise when people are forcibly displaced. The Lewis Global Studies Center (Lewis Center) and the Center for Community Collaboration (CCC) present this global lecture series for interested faculty, students, and community partners. All lectures and panels are open to the public; workshops are open to students and invited guests. For more information about the series and a detailed schedule please click here.

ISO Conversation:
"How do we express where we are from?":

A conversation to build our international community.


5:00 - 6:30pm

Alumnae House conference room

Dinner provided

The International Student Organization, along with the support of Dean Walters, Professor Greg White, and ISSO, would like to invite you to aconversationto work toward a way to rebuild our trust and solidarity as an international community after the controversies of the spring semester.

We will gather to speak about our experiences, to listen to the perspectives of others, and to find inclusion amidst our incredible diversity. We sincerely hope you will join us for an evening ofconversationand sharing.

ISO Senior Banquet

When? April 30th, 4-6PM
Where? Davis Ball Room

Senior Banquet is to honour and express ISO love to graduating seniors. There will be games, surprises and more! Please join us for this evening of fun!

T-shirt Design Contest!

Preparations are underway at the ISSOto welcome the next batch of International Smithies, the Class of 2019! As a student who attended ISP, you may have your ISPt-shirtas a memento of your first experiences in the US, of the start of many friendships at Smith and of an exciting time starting your college career! This year, we would like your input to make that souvenir an expression of you. ISSO is hosting an ISP t-shirtdesigncontest, and we want your ideas. Submissions will be accepted from international students, US permanent residents, or US citizens who grew up abroadfrom now until the last day of classes, by Friday, May 1, via email to interstu@smith.edu. Get those creative juices flowing and show us, and the next class of International Smithies, what you got!

Acceptable submission files include AI (Adobe Illustrator), EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), PNG (Portable Network Graphics), or PDF.

T-shirts will be printed on the front-side only. All submissions must be in back & white and must include the following information: Smith College & ISP 2015 (or International Student Pre-Orientation 2015)

Student Curated Exhibition of German Picture Albums of the 1920s and 1930s

In the years between the two World Wars (1919-1939) Germany experienced political, economic and cultural turmoil on a grand scale: the fall of the monarchy, revolution, hyperinflation, political assassinations and cultural change on a grand scale. Film, radio, new technologies in transportation, medicine and the sciences (X-rays!) changed the world of the average person, who had little say in the changes. Nevertheless, the lower economic classes were able to take feel a part of these changes in culture by going to the movies, listening to radio and “collecting” these changes in picture albums.

Ostensibly a marketing tool by commercial companies, such as cigarette, chocolate or shoe polish firms, collectible picture albums also enabled the average citizen access to hitherto unknown areas are knowledge and vicarious experiences by presenting colorful pictures of the new and oftentimes exotic world. These albums experienced their greatest popularity in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s. Many of them are now on display in the Book Arts Gallery of the Neilson Library (3rd floor) in an exhibition curated by the students of Prof. Joseph McVeigh’s GER 299 course “Exhibiting the Visual Arts of Interwar Germany”. The exhibition runs until June 19th.