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Meet the ISP Leaders

2014 ISP Leaders

Asma Amin

My name is ASMA Amin. I am originally from Afghanistan but lived in the US for five years. I'm arising senior at Smith College and my major choice of study is biology. I hope to work in a lab and acquire great research opportunities as I've had at smith.I am excited to finish my academic career at Smith College. I have been a part of the International Students Organization as a member and a cabinet. I like working with international students that's why I was one of the ISP leaders in my second and third year of school. This year (2014) I am looking forward working with amazing international students once again.

Dina (Wensi) Chen

Hey there newest Smithies! I'm Dina from Shanghai, China; I will be a sophomore this coming fall; and I am an Economics major. I'm a huge fan of Formula 1(weird, I know), and I'm currently a bit obsessed with German culture ha. Even though we'll all be severely jet-lagged during the week, I'm sure we'll spend some awesome time together at ISP!

Shengjie Dai

Hey Class of 2018, my name is Shengjie Dai, a rising sophomore from China. I am a food monster, tea drinker,rock music fan,theatrical things lover, and (yes!) one of ISP leaders for thisyear! If you have any questions about life at Smith or maybefeel connected to the things I love, please feelfree to email me at sdai@smith.edu. Can't wait to see you ladies in late August.Doyou believe that we can create something beautiful that languages are not able to tell together? :)

Angie (Ngoc) Dinh

Hi all, welcome to Smith! I am Angie, a rising sophomore at Smith College, majoring in Economics and Math. However, I am interested in many different things, from politics, psychology, to music. My hobbies include singing, playing guitar, travelling, eating different cuisines, and doing community service. I am still exploring different career paths, but I know my future plans include being able to cook my favorite dishes and travelling to as many countries as I can. I am amazed by the vast opportunities at Smith to explore, to try things I have never done, to enjoy, but also to challenge myself and to achieve. I am looking forward to seeing all of you this fall, to share with you my Smith experiences and how Smith quickly became my second home! Don’t be afraid to reach me at ndinh@smith.edu, because I always love getting to know Smithies! See you soon!

Habiba Hussain

Hello everyone! I am Habiba Hussain, an international student at Smith from Lahore, Pakistan. I plan on doing an English major, with a possible major or minor in Mathematics. I want to go to law school later, and I believe that Smith is providing me an excellent base to step out and achieve my dreams. My hobbies include reading, cycling and trying new kinds of cuisines. I also wish to travel extensively some time in the future. I am really looking forward to seeing all of you this fall, and I can’t wait to tell you about Smith and learn about your hopes and plans for college. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to email me at hhussain@smith.edu. Welcome to Smith!

Sahra Ibrahimi

Hi! I am Sahra Ibrahimi, a rising sophomore at Smith. I am originally from Kabul, Afghanistan; however, my family has moved to India and this past year I spent my summer in Mysore, India. I intend to major in neuroscience and minor in international relations. I plan to combine my love of policy, science and social justice in a fulfilling public health career. My hobbies are doing modern dance, reading novels, playing volleyball, and swimming. I have traveled to Germany, Holland, India and about nine states of the US. I like diversity, and I appreciate the diverse community that Smith College has. Smith tends to keep this diversity by having great international students like you from all around the world. We are very excited about seeing you all at Smith this fall. Please keep in touch and do not hesitate to ask me any question you may have. You can reach me at sibrahimi@smith.edu. I am looking forward to hearing from you, and seeing you soon in the fall.

Jenny Jumani'an

Hey Smithies! (sounds good, right?) I’m Jenny, and I’m from Amman, Jordan! I’m a sophomore (Engineering major and Biology minor). I attended ISP last year and it was a rewarding learning and social experience and I definitely felt that I went to orientation and classes very well prepared. I cannot wait to meet all of you this year!

Wai Leng Leong

Welcome to Smith! I’m Wai Leng and a rising senior from Singapore. I’m stoked about returning to Smith in the fall after spending my junior year abroad in London at LSE. My major is Economics but very frankly my academic interests vary widely and I don’t see myself as being defined by my major (yay liberal arts!). After having spent a year away from Smith, I now realize what a precious gem and privilege it is to be a Smithie and am so grateful for how Smith has transformed and shaped me in so many ways. I greatly encourage you all to take advantage of all that Smith has to offer, take risks and try new things, and explore paths that you’d least expect! Some of the most memorable moments I have at Smith are kayaking through the woods, having late-night existential conversations with friends, and sledding down the snowy hill in wintry January using cardboard boxes. My hobbies are reading, playing the ukelele (I’m still very amateur-ish), and swimming (wow, to think that I learned it at Smith!) Whether you’re deeply excited, uncertain, nervous, or incredulous about the whole prospect of heading to Smith, believe me, most of us have have felt the same! We are here to help you here in your first few days, and to make this place your new home. See you in the fall!

Pei Luo

Hi, I'm Pei from China. I am a junior this year. My major is biological science (especially interested in ecology) and my minor is studio art, as there is no science without fancy and no art without facts.

Irene C Marusoi

Hello class of 2018 !!! I am Irene Marusoi, a senior, a Chemistry major and an Economics minor. I am from Kenya and I am very excited to meet you all soon and to spend your first week at Smith together. I love travelling and exploring new places and that’s how I spend my free weekends at Smith. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends in Northampton; I like the serene atmosphere and the diversity of the city. I have had an incredible time at Smith; it’s been my home away from home, and I am honestly not ready to graduate yet. Welcome to Smith and I hope you fall in love with this place. You can contact me at imarusoi@smith.edu.

Suzu Sakai

Hi! I’m Suzu, and I am a rising junior with a major in Theater, minor in Architecture. I live in Hopkins House, a co-op house which we cook for ourselves. I love to play the sax, draw, swim, and sing in the shower! I’m really excited to be involved in ISP this year and hope to connect with all of you :)

Zoey Sun

Hi! I am Zoey Sun, a rising sophomore from Dalian, China. I intend to major in Engineering and Computer Science. I live in Tyler House (best in the Science Quad!) on Green Street. I love to create, think and explore. Smith is like home to me and I am excited to have you joining the family this fall!

Yezhezi (Michelle) Zhang

Hello everyone, I am a rising junior at Smith College from Nanjing, China. I major in engineering because I am curious about science and technology and amazed by how they change our lives. I also have a passion for education, and I am still trying to figure out a way to combine both of my interest. During my spare time, I love drawing, reading, making crafts (check Smith To Do when you are on campus), and playing the board game of Go. I am so happy to be one of your ISP leaders, and I am looking forward to meeting you from all over the world.