Supporting Adult Education

Trustee Grants

The trustees of Smith College offer tuition assistance to the daughters of those who have been residents of Northampton or Hatfield for at least five years, on the condition that the students are of traditional age and enrolled full time at Smith College. In 2013–14, the Trustee Grant was set at half the cost of tuition ($21,420 per student). Fourteen Northampton and Hatfield students received assistance in this program in 2013–14 for awards totaling $278,224. 

Financial Aid to Massachusetts Residents

In 2013–14, institutional financial aid to Massachusetts residents totaled $10.8 million.

Community College Support

Since 1999, Smith has provided classroom space to Greenfield Community and Holyoke Community colleges for evening adult education.

Class Auditors

Approximately 45 non-Smith members of the community audit courses at Smith each semester for $50 per course ($200 for dance, computer science or intensive language courses).