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Years of Service

Congratulations to all staff being honored for their years of service to Smith College. It is impossible to over-emphasize the valuable role that employees play in helping Smith achieve its strategic priorities and carry out its mission. The college's excellence is attributable in large measure to the long and outstanding service of many of its employees. Thank you for the many contributions and efforts you have made throughout your years at Smith.

Larry Hunt
Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Years of Service Luncheon

Since 2007, the president of Smith hosts a fall luncheon for staff reaching their milestone years of service anniversaries, beginning at 10 years.

After addressing the honorees, the president presents 25-year pins to staff reaching their 25th year of service with the college, thereby inducting them into the Twenty-Five Year Club.

All honorees are presented with a certificate signed by the president of Smith College.

2014 Honorees

45 Years of Service

Patricia Messier (Libraries – Neilson)

40 Years of Service

Darlene Kellogg (Facilities Management)

Kathy Smead (Facilities Management)

Carmilita Soto (Facilities Management)

35 Years of Service

Diane Benoit (Facilities Management)

David Brown (Facilities Management)

Wayne Cernak (Facilities Management)

Kathleen Haskell (Dining Services)

Michael Klein–Berndt (Facilities Management)

Daniel Maguire (Facilities Management)

Patricia O'Neil (Registrar's Office)

Daniel Rist (Theatre)

John Storozuk (Dining Services)

30 Years of Service

Ilse Barron (Dining Services)

Sandra Bycenski (Information Technology Svcs)

Stephen Campbell (College Relations)

David Culver (Facilities Management)

Cynthia Di Geronimo (Provost/Dean of Faculty)

Albert Evans–Perez (Information Technology Svcs)

M. Richard Fish (Art Department)

Erika Herring (Dining Services)

Henry Horstmann (Facilities Management)

William Mason (Facilities Management)

Joseph Menzyk (Dining Services)

Scott Messinger (Campus School)

Cynthia Naughton (Campus School)

Robert Pare (Facilities Management)

Mark Ricker (Dining Services)

Carl Schortmann (Facilities Management)

Lucinda Williams (Libraries - Neilson)

25 Years of Service

Catherine Brooks (College Relations)

Joanne Cannon (Information Technology Svcs)

Karen Denno (Admission)

Sandra Dix (Facilities Management)

Margaret Dugal (Facilities Management)

John Eue (College Relations)

Ann Finley (Dining Services)

Gail Frenier (Facilities Management)

Leslie Jaffe (Health Services)

Glen Mahoney (Libraries - Neilson)

Jacquelyn Murphy–Henderson (Facilities Management)

Donna Phaneuf (Facilities Management)

Rocco Piccinino (Libraries - Young Science)

John Pierson (Facilities Management)

Margaret Pitzer (College Relations)

Rick Rubin (Dining Services)

Joseph Stoddart (Facilities Management)

Nancy Subocz (Student Financial Services)

Pamella Wright (Facilities Management)

20 Years of Service

Alicia Guidotti (Theatre)

Serena Harris (Human Resources)

Gary Hartwell (Facilities Management)

Mary Irwin (Libraries - Neilson)

Kimberly Lebron (Career Development)

Karen LeHouiller (Information Technology Svcs)

John MacMillan (College Relations)

Calvin Meadows (Information Technology Svcs)

Susan Roach (Health Services)

Patricia Rockett (Controller's Office)

15 Years of Service

Desi Adorno (Facilities Management)

Kamlyn Allman (Development)

Charles Amass (Chemistry)

Tiphareth Ananda (Campus School)

Robert Andrews (Information Technology Svcs)

Patricia Billingsley (Information Technology Svcs)

Lynn Cocco (Human Resources)

Ellen Coty (Development)

Jacqueline Demarey (Dining Services)

Joyce Follet (Libraries - Special Collection)

Aisha Gabriel (Information Technology Svcs)

Damian Gawle (Facilities Management)

Kenneth Hassin (Facilities Management)

Sandra Hennessy (Dining Services)

Edna Howe (Facilities Management)

Scott Johnson (Athletics)

Emily Juster (Dining Services)

Karen Kristof (Admission)

Elisa Lanzi (Libraries - Neilson)

Merrilyn Lewis (College Relations)

Janet Long (Facilities Management)

Ben Marsden (Information Technology Svcs)

Lori McKenna (Center for Early Childhood Edu)

Scott Morin (Controller's Office)

Susan Moszynski (Dining Services)

Clifton Noble (Music)

Lara Ramsey (Campus School)

Janice Schell (Career Development)

Robert Tacy (Dining Services)

Tina White (Facilities Management)

Timothy Zima (Dining Services)

10 Years of Service

Lou Ann Bierwert (Biological Sciences)

Hannah Durrant (Student Affairs)

Christina Kuralt (Class Deans Office)

June Ritter (Information Technology Svcs)

Nora Sweeney (Center for Early Childhood Edu)

Michael Yargeau (College Relations)