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Years of Service

Congratulations to all staff being honored for their years of service to Smith College. It is impossible to over-emphasize the valuable role that employees play in helping Smith achieve its strategic priorities and carry out its mission. The college's excellence is attributable in large measure to the long and outstanding service of many of its employees. Thank you for the many contributions and efforts you have made throughout your years at Smith.

Larry Hunt
Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Years of Service Luncheon

Since 2007, the president of Smith hosts a fall luncheon for staff reaching their milestone years of service anniversaries, beginning at 10 years.

After addressing the honorees, the president presents 25-year pins to staff reaching their 25th year of service with the college, thereby inducting them into the Twenty-Five Year Club.

All honorees are presented with a certificate signed by the president of Smith College.

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2013 Honorees

40 Years of Service

Lester J. Hancock (Facilities Management)

Janet E. Hukowicz (Information Technology Svcs)

Sharon L. Poirrier (Art Department)

35 Years of Service

Christine Barbuto (Education & Child Study)

Jane C. Clayton (Libraries – Neilson)

Tierney E. Richi (Dining Services)

30 Years of Service

Chrissie Bell (Philosophy)

Eric N. Brewer (Information Technology Svcs)

Leigh W. Buckhout (Facilities Management)

Susan F. Daily (Libraries – Neilson)

Lisa M. DeCarolis-Osepowicz (Libraries – Hillyer Art)

Kathleen E. Gauger (Women & Social Change)

Allan J. Gutbier (Facilities Management)

Ann M. Mayo (Museum of Art)

Kenneth W. Misterka (Facilities Management)

Paul D. Mock (Facilities Management)

David F. Motyka (Facilities Management)

Frank Roach (Information Technology Svcs)

Valerie A. Schumacher (Student Financial Services)

Allan D. Shepard (Dining Services)

Marlene M. Wong (Libraries – Josten)

25 Years of Service

Karla G. Borecky (Information Technology Svcs)

Celine P. Burgielewicz (Admission)

Dennis P. Carey (Facilities Management)

Paul Cernak (Facilities Management)

Oul Chham (Dining Services)

Christopher M. Curtis (Dining Services)

Duangchen K. Davis (Alumnae Association)

Patricia A. Dion (Dining Services)

Sandra L. Doucett (Development)

Lois B. Ducharme (Center for Early Childhood Edu)

Janie A. Fisher (Dining Services)

Susan J. Haynes (Biological Sciences)

Amy E. Hague (Libraries – Special Collection)

Oeuy Lip-Ross (Facilities Management)

Lori A. McFarland (Dining Services)

Patricia A. Rist (Dance)

Kathleen Santos (Facilities Management)

Susan J. Steenburgh (Dining Services)

20 Years of Service

Katherine M. Barbieri (Development)

Mary P. Caron (Center for Early Childhood Edu)

Frank J. Citino (Information Technology Svcs)

Mary E. Clayton (Information Technology Svcs)

Charles R. Conant (Facilities Management)

Maureen B. Litwin (Campus School)

Steven J. Monteiro (Facilities Management)

Sheri Lyn Peabody (Botanic Garden)

Louise F. Rouleau (Facilities Management)

Balbir Singh (Center for Early Childhood Edu)

Marea J. Wexler (Development)

Marilyn J. Woodman (Development)

15 Years of Service

Maria C. Aguilar (Dining Services)

Louis T. Bach (Facilities Management)

Milous L. Bowie (Dining Services)

Anthony J. Caldanaro (Clark Sci Ctr Administration)

Margi Caplan (Museum of Art)

Elizabeth W. Carpenter (Development)

Cheryl A. Dellecese (College Relations)

Jonelle Dennis (Alumnae Association)

Laurie Fenlason (College Relations)

Cynthia A. Furtek (East Asian Languages & Lit)

Elise Gibson (College Relations)

Patricia A. Gilbert (School for Social Work)

Donna Gohr (Dining Services)

James A. Hume (Art Department)

Karl Kowitz (Facilities Management)

Erika J. Laquer (Class Deans Office)

Deborah M. Letourneau (Admission)

Edward J. Lynch (Dining Services)

Katherine L. Martins (Dining Services)

Steven McGrath (Facilities Management)

Jayne A. Mercier (Provost/Dean of Faculty)

Ruth E. Morgan (Graduate Programs)

Brenda J. Olinski (Registrar's Office)

Mark S. Patenaude (Facilities Management)

Kimberly L. Philbrook (Development)

Laura M. Rauscher (Disability Services)

Lisa C. Seymour (Dining Services)

Elizabeth A. Sheirer (Libraries – Neilson)

Cynthia L. Sleboda (Health Services)

Brian E. Subocz (Dining Services)

David W. Trott (Facilities Management)

Deborah Wijnhoven (Career Development)

Pamela A. Wright (Student Financial Services)

Sonya D. Yelder (Dining Services)

Nanci A. Young (Libraries – Special Collection)

10 Years of Service

David J. Belanger (Student Financial Services)

Joanne A. Benkley (Center for the Environment)

Elizabeth A. Bigwood (Alumnae Association)

Michael Byrne (College Relations)

Lynda DallaPegorara (Human Resources)

Emily J. Dunn (Theatre)

Penny C. Molyneux (Psychology)

Eva M. Peters (Health Services)

Emily T. Robinson (Provost/Dean of Faculty)

Hayley D. Spizz (Provost/Dean of Faculty)

Valerie E. Thompson (Dining Services)

Christina L. Young (Student Financial Services)