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Time-Off Benefits & Leave Plans (Chapter 5)

Sick Leave Bank for Non-Exempt/Administrative Support and Service Staff (Section 507)

The college has established a Sick Leave Bank for eligible non-exempt/administrative support and service staff members who must be absent from work for an extended period of time due to a non-work-related disability. The Bank may provide you with continuing income in the event that a serious and certified illness or injury extends at least two weeks beyond the end of your accumulated sick leave.


If you have been employed at the college for a minimum of 12 consecutive months in a regular position of half time or more, you are eligible to participate in the Sick Leave Bank.

If you hold a limited-term position which exceeds three years, you are eligible to participate in the Sick Leave Bank on the same terms and conditions as employees holding regular positions, provided the paid sick leave is taken prior to the end of the appointment.

If you have been employed at the college for less than 12 consecutive months, work less than half time, hold a limited-term position of from one to three years, or hold a temporary position, you are not eligible to participate in the Sick Leave Bank. In these instances, time lost due to a non-work-related disability where paid sick leave (if any) has been exhausted may be covered by using available personal time or vacation, or by requesting an unpaid leave. See the sections Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Short-Term Absence Without Pay for more information.


The Sick Leave Bank plan year runs from January 1 through December 31. An open enrollment period is held annually in the fall; materials are sent to eligible employees with dates for open enrollment. During open enrollment, eligible employees may elect to participate in or withdraw from the Sick Leave Bank. You may become a member of the Sick Leave Bank after one year of consecutive service by donating one of your sick leave days to the Bank during the next open enrollment period and/or on completion of one year of employment.

As a member of the Bank, you agree to donate one additional day of your sick leave at the beginning of each plan year thereafter. In addition, you may be required to donate additional days depending on sick leave bank usage. If you decide to become a new member of the Sick Leave Bank in any year after the first year you are eligible, your initial donation to the bank must equal the total number of days you would have donated had you joined when you were first eligible, up to a maximum of 10 days.

You will not be denied continued membership in the Bank if you have no sick leave days to donate, when and if additional days are assessed. However, you must contribute the additional assessed day(s) no later than July 1 of the following fiscal year. Dining Services staff (Local 211) must contribute the additional day(s) as they accrue. For new members, you must have accrued enough sick leave days to equal the required donation for that plan year at the time of deduction, or as of July 1 of that plan year.

Terms and Conditions

As a member of the Sick Leave Bank, you may apply for up to 60 days of additional sick leave per year. A request can be made at any time once it is established that your absence will extend more than two weeks beyond your accumulated sick leave.

In considering your application, the Office of Human Resources will review the amount of other paid time to which you may be entitled. An award of Sick Leave Bank days plus your own sick leave may not exceed the six-month waiting period (approximately 130 work days) for the college's Long-Term Disability Insurance Plan.

If you are drawing on the Sick Leave Bank and, while doing so, become entitled to additional sick leave, the amount of any sick leave that would otherwise accrue to you shall accrue in its full amount to the Sick Leave Bank. Any days which are awarded but which are not needed for the specific illness or injury for which they are awarded will be returned to the Bank.

Application and Authorization Process

To apply for a grant of sick leave days, you must contact the Office of Human Resources. Please note that before you may be receive days from the Sick Leave Bank, you must have exhausted all of your sick, vacation, and personal time.