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Time-Off Benefits & Leave Plans (Chapter 5)

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Time-Off Benefits & Leave Plans (Section 500)

The college supports your overall health and well-being and your need to balance the challenges of work and family by offering generous time-off benefits and leave plans which are designed to:

The college's time-off benefits and leave plans are integrated with and designed to enhance legally mandated benefits. They are an important part of your total compensation, and represent a substantial investment on the part of the college.

The college will normally apply the policies and follow the procedures summarized here. However, because no two employment situations are exactly alike, the college may modify the policies to address specific circumstances. Any such modifications must have the approval of the Associate Vice President for Human Resources or the Human Resources Manager of Employee Relations and Recruitment.

The college reserves the right to make, from time to time, such changes in policies as it considers in the best interests of the Smith College community. As changes are made in existing plans or as new plans or policies are established, new plan descriptions will be communicated by the Office of Human Resources. The effective date of each new or revised plan or policy will be the date determined by the President and/or the Board of Trustees, whether or not new plan descriptions have actually been issued.


Eligibility for time-off benefits and leave plans is associated with the type of position you hold. Please refer to Employment Categories for more detailed information on positions at the college. The following summary and eligibility charts are provided as a quick reference of benefit eligibility. Be sure to consult each leave plan description for more detailed information (including statutory requirements, waiting periods, etc.) regarding your eligibility.

Limited-term 3+ Years
Limited Term 1–3 Years
Temp and/or Less Than Half Time and/or CASUALS
HolidaysxxxLeave but no pay
Personal Timexxxno
Sick Leavexxxx
Sick Leave Bank*xx no no
Bereavement Leavexxxno
Jury Duty Leavexxx x
Military Reserve/Differential PayxxLeave but no differential pay Leave but no differential pay
Parental Leave* (formally Maternity Leave and Paternity Leave)xx Eligible for unpaid parental leave Eligible for unpaid parental leave
Adoption Leave*xx Eligible for unpaid adoption leave Eligible for unpaid adoption leave**
Family Leave*xx no no
Family Medical Leave Act*xxx Eligible for unpaid leave
Small Necessitiesxxx Eligible for unpaid leave
Short-Term Absence w/o Pay*xxx x
Leave Without Pay*x no no no
Long-Term Disability Leavexxx no
Workers' Compensation Leavexxx x

NOTE: Time-off benefits are prorated for eligible employees who work less than full time.

*Waiting period may apply

**For less than half-time only and casual employees only