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Employment at Smith (Chapter 2)

Code of Conduct (Section 208)

The Code of Conduct outlines principles, policies and some of the laws that govern the activities of the college and to which our employees (faculty, staff and students) and others who represent the college must adhere. The Code provides guidance for professional conduct. The success and reputation of the college in fulfilling its mission depends on the ethical behavior, honesty, integrity and good judgment of each member of the community. All employees (faculty, staff, and students) and other individuals representing the college are expected to inform themselves about and comply with college policies and regulations pertaining to them. Sources include, for employees, the Administrative Staff Handbook and relevant union agreements and for faculty, the Code of Faculty Legislation and Administrative Practice, the Policy of Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure and the document on Funding for Faculty Development.

All staff are expected to abide by the College's Code of Conduct.