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Smith students have as much loyalty and affection for the house that they live in while on campus as they do for the college itself. Each house has its own unique character and students bring their own personalities and styles to their rooms. Find out more about living at Smith.

Home Smith Home: King House

Caroline Davis ’17 loves the fact that her friends are always in her room. Whether they are just hanging out or studying all night, it’s one example of the vibrant King House community. View the entire Home Smith Home video series here

Home Smith Home: Chapin House

Emily Cryan '17 looks out over central campus from a circular antique window in Chapin House. But her favorite part of her room is the secret alcove where she can curl up and relax. She is also the current keeper of a figurine that has been passed down through generations of Chapinites. See all the Home Smith Home episodes

Home Smith Home: Jordan House

Milanes Morejon '15 loves the Jordan House community, which is always ready with a smile. Her corner room has a gorgeous view and plenty of light, and is filled with dozens of small momentos from her friends and her travels around the world. Watch all the Home Smith Home videos

Home Smith Home: Roommates

Sarah Lopez '17 and Veronica Brown '17 enjoyed rooming with each other so much as first years that they chose to live together again as sophomores. They think having a good roommate is a great way to start off your Smith career. Their room is relaxed, covered in unique posters, and filled with the sound of their laughter. See all the Home Smith Home videos

Home Smith Home: Lamont House

Haley Crockett '15 loves inviting friends to spend time in her room in Lamont House. Her simple, minimalist decor, along with a gorgeous view, makes her room her sanctuary. See all the Home Smith Home videos

Home Smith Home: Comstock House

Yenelsa Duran ’16’s room in Comstock House is a perfect mix of comfortable, pretty and functional. The double education and Portuguese/Brazilian studies major has plenty of mementos of home—including a poster of her hometown of New York City and a Dominican Republic flag, her birthplace—mixed with keepsakes from teaching internships and Smith Latina leadership conferences.  See all the Home Smith Home videos

Home Smith Home: Keep Calm and Study On

Ada Comstock Scholar Shara Concepcion ’14 is house coordinator of 150 Elm Street—an all Ada house. A New York City native, she appreciates the relaxing atmosphere of her large, bright room. See all the Home Smith Home videos.


Home Smith Home: Nooks and Crannies

Duckett House resident Julia Leitermann ’15 gives us a tour of her room. With its distinctive little nooks and tiny white lights, there are several perfect spots to have coffee, read or take the occasional “accidental nap.” See all the Home-Smith-Home videos.

Home Smith Home: An Artist's Eye

Nicole Schermerhorn Laschever ’15’s room in Albright House reflects her double major in art and theater as well as her interest in “absolutely everything.”

Home Smith Home: Family, Friends and Collages

Haisely Wert ’16 lives in Jordan House, where she has filled her room with memories and mementos of family and friends back home, her love of crafting and an ever-expanding collage wall.