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The Green Team is student organization that focuses on environmental and sustainable initiatives. The Green Team works with many areas of Smith's operations, including construction, transportation, purchasing, materials use, energy use and waste management in seeking to transform the college's practices.

Where You Can Find Us

The Green Team meets in CEEDS every other week. Please consult the events calendar for date and time. All are welcome to join the team or come to a meeting to propose your ideas to the group.


Recent and continuing Green Team efforts include:

Composting and Recycling Events
The Green Team works with Sustainability Reps making composting and recycling more accessible in academic and administrative buildings. The goal with this project is to provide more locations for composting and recycling and then provide a map of campus with these locations land marked. In past years Green Team has organized "composting mobs" and has organized events which showcase what items can be recycled on campus.

HarvestFest and Earth Day Festival
In collaboration with the Sustainability Reps the Green Team contributed to a celebration of fall HarvestFest and spring EarthDay. Events featured awarness raising actions, such as a trash audit, a "trashion" (trash-fashion) show, and food offerings by local vendors.

Campus Education
The Green Team has run a number of awareness raising initiatives, including a photo campaign educating people about oil subsidies and are currently focusing on a divesment campaign to encourage Smith to invest in a socially and envrionmentally responsible way.

In the past, Green Team students conducted a survey about energy use in student rooms and students' willingness to forego use of personal room refrigerators, one of the top three energy users in student rooms. This was the first step in an effort to educate students about the amount of power used by personal appliances.