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The Committee on Sustainability is concerned with the best long-term use of finite natural resources and the college's impact on the local, regional and global environment. It identifies, implements and evaluates approaches for increasing Smith's commitment to sustainability in all areas of the campus, including (but not limited to) construction, transportation, materials and energy use, waste management, purchasing, investment and the campus curriculum. It seeks to maintain an holistic perspective focused on systemic changes and institutional transformation to aid the college in achieving the greatest efficiencies in natural resource use and pollution prevention.


The Committee on Sustainability meets regularly during the academic year. A schedule of lunchtime meetings is established each semester. Meetings are open to all members of the Smith community. Spring 2013 meeting will be held in Wright Hall room 002 on the following dates:                                                                                  
Wednesday, January 30th                                                              Wednesday, February 27th                                                              Monday, March 25th                                                                            Wednesday, April 17th                                                                        Wednesday, May 1st

Committee on Sustainability Members, Spring 2014

John Brady, Geosciences (chair)
Emily Barbour '14
Judith Cardell, Engineering
Ruth Constantine, VP for Finance and Administration
Ann Finley, Area Manager, Dining Services
Andrew Guswa, Engineering; Director, Center for the Environment, Ecological Design, and Sustainability (CEEDS)
Alison Grady '15
Julia Graham '16
Gary Hartwell, Facilities Management
Linda Hiesiger, Purchasing
Alexandria Julius '14                             
Lou Ann Krawczynski, Director, Development Resources
Deirdre Manning, Director, Office of Sustainability
Mehammed Mack, French Studies
Katie Paulson-Smith '14                                                Sharon Seelig, English Language and Literature
Marilyn Woodman, Development                                    


Specific policies that guide campus operations will be listed below as they are adopted.

Printer and Copier Paper Policy
Adopted August 2009

Bottled Water Policy
Adopted August 2009