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Energy Use & Efficiency

Efficient Technologies

Million Monitor Drive

In May 2005, Facilities Management and ITS began their effort to enable the "Energy Star" power management features on computers connected to the Smith network. This is also known as the "Million Monitor Drive" or "Sleep Is Good" campaign. ITS has committed 1,000 staff and faculty computers, and Clean Energy for Smith (CES) has committed 1,800 student-owned PCs. The changes to date have been small, but the potential savings are huge: 730,000 kWh (3 percent of Smith's total electrical use), $60,000, and 520 tons of carbon dioxide each year. The campaign concludes with a three-school competition with Amherst College and Mount Holyoke College.

Find out more and take the pledge click here.

Energy Star Appliances

By reducing the amount of energy used, "Energy Star" appliances reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. Smith College encourages the use of "Energy Star" appliances and purchases them for its operations. A detailed description of technology purchasing practices can be found at the ITS Web site.

For a list of energy star products, visit the Energy Star Web site.

Multifunctional Devices in Offices

The jungle of wires and appliances of various ages and capabilities accumulated in offices over time is an energy and administrative nightmare. The energy draw from office appliances climbs as separate laser printers, faxes, and smaller color printers are powered up and used. The purchasing office now offers the opportunity to replace old, less efficient fleet copiers with a multi-functional device (MFD) that offers several benefits:

For more information, visit the Purchasing Office Web site.