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Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Studies

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ESS Graduates

Graduates of the ESS program have proven remarkably successful in acquiring intercollegiate coaching jobs. The 2007–08 cohort provides an excellent example. Of the 17 master of science candidates at the time, 14 landed intercollegiate jobs after graduation and two candidates acquired coaching jobs before completing their degrees. One graduate pursued her degree while coaching intercollegiately, another opted to work within the fitness field more broadly in a university setting, and yet another candidate chose to volunteer her skills while maintaining her family from her hometown.

In short, this cohort reflects the choices and success of the job placement rate for the program overall, where 92 to 95 percent of the candidates acquire jobs in their desired field upon degree completion. Also, as demonstrated by the 2007–08 cohort, these jobs, though primarily geared toward Division III athletics, also include graduates who opted for Division I and Division II settings. Check out our list of institutions that reflect a running record of job placements.


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2009-10 Cohort

Students listening to Professor Jay Coakley, an internationally renowned sport sociology scholar, who "attended" class through Skype.

2007-08 Cohort

ESS graduate candidate field trip to Gunther von Hagen's Body Worlds 2 at Boston Museum of Science, November 2006