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Government students participate in many campus activities, such as mock United Nations sessions and mock political conventions. Politicians and visiting scholars have spoken on campus on topics including women and citizenship, the United States and international intervention in the war in Iraq, government support of "faith-based" programs, and various dimensions of globalization.

Student organizations include the Smith College Republican Club, the Smith College Democrats, the World Affairs Committee and the Student Government Association.




presentation of the major in government


Tuesday, October 21

4:30 PM

Seel;ye 106


Meet the faculty and student liaisons and learn about the courses offered in the department and the opportunities available to government students. Refreshments will be served.




School of public policy at central european university in budapest opportunity


Dean Wolfgang Reinicke of the School of Public Policy at Central Eropean Univeristy in Budapest will be coming to Smith to speak about the master's program in public policy. The School's two-year master's program is accredited in the U.S. and the language of instruction is English. It has been designed to provide students who are interested in careers that promote the public good with the skills, knowledge, and hands-on-experience they will need to succeed. The school was initially funded by George Soros and they have a fairly generaous financial aid policy.


The event will take place on Wednesday, October 1, at 4:15 PM in the Lewis Global Studies Ceneter.










Field Intern

Interested in getting involved in a statewide, independent political campaign in Massachusetts? The Falchuk for Governor 2014 Campaign is looking for savvy students hoping to gain some high-profile political campaign experience. Evan Falchuk and the United Independent Party he founded believe everyone is equal, everyone’s civil rights must be protected, and government must spend taxpayer dollars wisely. We want to hold politics in Massachusetts to a higher standard, and change the whole conversation from the tired old "left vs. right" debate, to one that is much more inclusive, innovative and pragmatic. LLearn more about us at www.Falchuk2014.org/

We believe a big part of the Falchuk for Governor Campaign must include student voices and participation, and are offering student internship positions during the 2014-2015 academic year. Interns will assist in voter outreach efforts, canvassing, research, and campaign events, including parades and festivals in which the campaign will be participating.

We are committed to a policy of providing employment opportunities to all qualified people regardless of economic or social status and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, veteran status, or physical or mental disability.

We offer a $50 per day stipend per 8 hours of work.

Please send all applications to our Field Director Taylor DiSantis atTdisantis@falchuk2014.org



To sign up for our UIP Happenings newsletter, visit www.Falchuk2014.org



Headway Workforce Solutions - Primary Elections Employment Opportunity


Headway Workforce Solutions, working with Reuters and IPSOS for the upcoming primary elections in Massachusetts, is seeking someone to collect election data on election night (September 9). $100 for a one night only event plus $25 for every successful referral that gets hired. This would be a good opportunity for students in political science to add to their resumes.


We’re offering you the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the democratic process and take part in reporting the news that your local community, state, and the whole nation will be waiting for!


As an Election Agent for Ipsos and Reuters, you’ll use credentials awarded by Reuters to go behind the scene at your local election center and gather the vote count from County election officials. Once you receive the vote count, you’ll quickly (and easily) enter the results into a specially designed mobile application and send the news off to Reuters.


Working as an Election Agent for Ipsos/Reuters is a great opportunity for anyone looking to participate in reporting a crucial political event. It’s a great way to make some extra money while participating in a great cause.


There are only three requirements to be eligible for consideration as an Election Agent:

·         You have to be 18 years old

·         You must own a smart-phone and/or tablet with data plan and be able to operate it proficiently

·         You must be available for a one day project


You will love working as an Election Agent because you will:

·         Get a behind the scenes look at how news agencies report the vote count on election night

·         Earn a flat rate of $100 for this event

·         Gain experience working as a credential agent for Reuters, an internationally recognized news agency


As an Election Agent for Reuters you will:

·         Apply online (2 mins)

·         Do a brief phone screen with one of our Recruiters (5 mins)

·         Speak with one of our Hiring Managers (5 mins)

·         Fill out on-boarding documents & download the application (5 mins)

·         Complete a brief online training of watching videos (40 mins)

·         Participate in a conference call/run through on September 5th (15-20 mins)

·         Arrive at your assigned location one hour prior to the polls closing and work as an Election Agent on the evening of the Election (4-5 hours)  (*Polls close at 8 PM*)


Primary Election Agent

The flat rate of this job is $100. The rate includes time spent completing documents, online training, conference call, run through, and day of election activities. Also, if you refer candidates and they complete everything and show up the night of the election at their location and do the duties of the primary election agent, you will receive $25 for every successful referral. For example, refer five candidates and four of  them do what  they are suppose to do, you will receive an additional $100.


To apply:

http://ch.tbe.taleo.net/CH07/ ats/careers/requisition.jsp? org=HEADWORK&cws=46&source= campus

(Don’t forget to put my name in the REFERRED BY box)






CAREERS: Non-profit public advocacy


Looking for a job in politics? U.S.PIRG is hiring college seniors to work as Campus Organizers on college campuses across the country. On issue after issue, we see powerful interests corrupting the democratic process, twisting public policy to serve their own ends. U.S. PIRG takes action by documenting the problems, finding practical solutions, informing the public and making the case for change directly to decision-makers. We work on issues like climate change, democracy, and public health.

Find out more and apply online at www.uspirg.org/jobs or email charlotte@masspirgstudents.org for more details.





This is a part-time 12-hours per week telecommuting internship. The internship is 4 months and responsible for leading public and political outreach in the state and district assigned to. Must be available Mondays 4:30-6:00 PM PST for The Borgen Project's national conference call.
Key Responsibilities:


To Apply: T
o be considered for the Political Affairs Internship, please email your resume to openings@borgenproject.org.



The Elie Wiesel Foundation Prize in Ethics

Essay Contest 2014



The Elie Wiesel Foundation Prize in Ethics Essay Conest, now in its 25th year, chalenges college students to analyze the urgent ethical issues confronting them in today's complex world. Students are encouraged to write thought-provoking personal essays that raise questions, single ouit issues and are rational arguments for ethical action.


For more information: Elie Wiesel Foundation Essay Contest 2014





Juliette Kayyem Campaign for Governor of Massachusetts


Juliette Kayyem's campaign for Governor of Massachusetts seeks highly motivated Winter/Spring Cam;paign Fellows to join our campaign immediately and stay on through the 2014 Massachusetts Democratic Convention.


Click here for more information: Juliette Kayyem for Governor






Environment America is a federation of 29 state-based groups with nearly 100 professional staff and more than 1 million members, activists and allies across the country. Each year, we hire graduating seniors for our Fellowship Program - a two-year crash course in the nuts and bolts of environmental activism, organizing, advocacy and the type of institution-building that can sustain long-term battles.


And if you're not graduating this year, we also offer summer internships - you'll learn how to make an impact on critical environmental issues.


To learn more and apply, visit jobs.environmentamerica.org.



This summer - as part of a broader global warming plan - President Obama directed his Environmental Protection Agency to develop standards that would cut carbon pollution from power plants, the nation's largest contributors to global warming pollution.


This fall in Massachusetts we're working hard to do demonstrate strong public support for these standards, and build support in Congress to ensure that the President follows through as boldly and as swiftly as possible. Obviously, our work won't stop there, but it'll be an important step.


Standing in our way is one of the most powerful special interests in the world: the fossil fuel industry.


But the science is clear and the public is with us and we have the opportunity and the obligation to do what we can to ensure we don't ruin the planet before we pass it on to future generations.