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GSD 404 Special Studies

For juniors and seniors, admission by permission of the Global South Development Studies Advisory Board. Can only be taken once to count toward the minor. {S} 4 credits. Offered both semesters each year. Members of the department.

Approved Courses for 2014-15



218 The Anthropology of Human Rights (spring)

234 Culture, Power and Politics (spring)

237 Native South Americans (spring)

241 Anthropology of Development (spring)

249 Visual Anthropology (fall)

252 The City and the Countryside in China (fall)

267 Self and Society in South Asia (spring)

348 Seminar: Topic: Health in Africa (fall)

353 Seminar: Topic: Citizenship and Belonging (fall)



211 Economic Development (spring)

295 International Trade and Commercial Policy (fall)

311 Topics in Economic Development: The Political Economy of Development in Africa (spring)



220 Introduction to Comparative Politics (spring)

224 Colloquium: Islam and Development (spring)

225 Ethnic Politics in Comparative Perspective (fall)

230 Government and Politics of China (spring)

237 Colloquium: Politics and the U.S./Mexico Border (spring)

238 Women and Politics (spring)

241 International Politics (fall)

242 International Political Economy (fall)

252 International Organizations (spring)

341 Seminar: The Middle East in World Affairs (fall)

344 Seminar: Foreign Policy of Chinese People’s Republic (spring)

348 Seminar in International Politics: Conflict and Cooperation in Asia (fall)

EAS 210 Colloquium: Culture and Diplomacy in Asia (spring)



209 Aspects of Middle Eastern History (spring)

234 Global Africa (fall)

257 Early African History to 1800 (fall)

258 History of Modern Africa since 1800 (spring)

259 Aspects of African History: Decolonization, Nation, and Political Imagination in Africa (spring)

260/LAS 260 Colonial Latin America (fall)

261/LAS 261 National Latin America, 1821–Present (spring)

AAS 202 Children in the Atlantic World (spring)

AAS 370 Seminar: Modern Southern Africa (fall)

EAS 100 Introduction to Modern East Asia (fall)

EAS 200 Colloquium: The Difficult Female (spring)

EAS 219 Modern Korean History (spring)

EAS 220 Colloquium: Environment and Society in Contemporary China (fall)

LAS 301 Seminar: Puerto Rico and Cuba in the “American Century” (fall)


232 World Population (spring)

327 Seminar: Global Migration in the 21st Century (spring)

EAS 200 Colloquium: Korean Diaspora: Korea Inside & Outside