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There are only 21 female CEOs in the Fortune 500.

Fewer than 8 percent of the hundreds of peace treaties signed in the past 20 years were negotiated by delegations that included women.

Globally, women hold fewer than 20 percent of parliamentary seats.

In 2011, women working full time in America earned 82.2 percent of men’s median weekly earnings.

Four in 10 businesses worldwide have no women in senior management.

In the U.S., women compose 20 percent of the Senate and 19 percent of the House of Representatives.

Women lead only seven of our 50 states as governors.

Only 17 percent of mayors of large U.S. cities are women.

The Campaign for Smith

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The Need

As talented young women are increasingly recognized as the hope of their nations, organizations, and families, Smith College is embarking on a defining initiative: to educate women for the world.

The need is clear. As is the solution.

In the past decade, Smith has seen impressive growth in the number and quality of its applicants, with young women from around the world spurred by the desire for a challenging, engaging, global education.

Educating women for leadership speaks directly to a compelling societal need and answers the question “why a women’s college?” in a powerful way. It’s a growing consensus among businesses, governments, and NGOs around the world that one simple solution to some of our greatest challenges is to educate more young women and empower them to lead change. This has been Smith’s way of thinking from the beginning.

Our students graduate with a powerful sense of agency that provides a foundation for effective action and leadership in their communities. Indeed, Smith’s vision of global women’s leadership is deeply informed by the experiences of our alumnae, who credit their Smith education with giving them the capacities crucial to their success: intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, effective writing and public speaking, and the confidence to step forward with conviction. In the United States, Europe, China, the Middle East, India, and Africa, and in diplomatic and business circles around the globe, Smith women are widely known for stepping up, speaking out, and leading change. The young women who come to Smith today are eager to add to this powerful legacy.