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As talented young women are increasingly recognized as the hope of their nations, organizations, and families, Smith College is embarking on a defining initiative: to educate women for the world.

We have an extraordinary opportunity to affirm our status as a global women’s college, matching our greatest strength—women’s education—with one of the world’s great needs: women leaders.

To this end, we are embarking on a $450 million campaign that will make Smith the destination college for ambitious young women eager, as Sophia Smith envisioned, to increase their “power for good.”

Through this multiyear, international effort, we will provide women with educational opportunities that have not existed before. We will welcome students from around the world, creating a diverse campus community. We will design new ways to prepare students for leadership in a global society, giving them the confidence and perspective to tackle humanity’s most serious challenges.

Most importantly, we will offer alumnae, parents, friends, and other stakeholders the opportunity to invest in these exceptional young women who, strengthened by their education, hold the promise to transform our world.

Women for the World: The Campaign for Smith will help us realize our vision of reimagining the liberal arts for the 21st century. Every Smith student will expand the depth and breadth of her knowledge by making powerful connections among academic disciplines. She will experience life in a culture different from her own; she will collaborate with leading scholars and peers from every part of the world; she will acquire the skills she needs to pursue a productive and meaningful life; and she will graduate empowered and emboldened to lead in a world that grows more complex by the day.