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MetasequoiaCelebrating Big Trees at Smith College

Please join the Smith College Campus Tree Advisory Committee and students as we celebrate our Champion Trees on Campus during Arbor Day, April 29th from 11:00 am-1:00pm.

The Committee has selected four large trees on campus to highlight. Three of these are the largest specimens for that species in the state of Massachusetts. We are showcasing one elm to highlight the 16 large American elms that the Botanic Garden is working hard to maintain, despite the stresses of soil compaction on a college campus and the threat of Dutch elm disease. Did you know that up to 50% of a tree is in the root system, underground invisible to us?

The Campus Tree Advisory Committee and student volunteers will be posted at each of the four trees. We will be encouraging passersby to take a small survey flag and place it around the tree to visually show where the Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) is. This area around a tree, where roots are growing underground, should be protected from regular foot traffic and other soil compaction. To help protect our trees we encourage everyone to stay on paved pathways while commuting through campus.

Follow the chalk path from the Champion Ginkgo in the Systematics Garden near Lyman Plant House to the Champion Metasequoia behind Neilson Library. Visit the massive American Elm on Chapin Lawn and our champion London Plane Tree behind the Fine Arts Center on Seeyle lawn.

Additionally, we want to bring everyone's attention to the Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive exotic pest introduced into this country. We will be putting out large green tree tags on several ash trees and other species that are vulnerable to the emerald ash borer. This pest, discovered in Michigan in 2002, is now spreading. It has been found in Windsor, Massachusetts, only about 30 miles west of Northampton and is expected to be in our area within the next few years.


Mural 3 Rise of a Land Flora
New Permanent Exhibit:
Plant Life Through the Ages: A Mural of Plant Evolution

The Botanic Garden is proud to unveil a new 60-foot mural, consisting of eight panels depicting great moments in plant evolution. While there are numerous depictions of animal evolution, until now there has been no mural devoted specifically to the evolution of plants. Seeing this opportunity, the Botanic Garden stepped in to commission a mural and fill the void.
The stunning paintings were created by muralist Robert Evans. With a specialty in natural history, ethnography, and history, his work can be found at the Smithsonian, Mount Vernon, and numerous museums, zoos, and aquaria. This is his first installation at a botanical garden.

The eight panels will permanently reside along the corridor to the Palm House.

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