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Updated 10/18/14

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THE Class of 2015 has set a new Smith record with 43 candidates in the 2014-15 competition year.

To help achieve this – produce about 1,000 pages of application materials – these candidates benefited from the support of about 200 Smith faculty, many of whom contributed in multiple ways: mentoring, writing references, and consulting.

Staff members from the Clark Science, Jacobson, Lazarus, and Lewis Global Studies centers, the Registrar's and Class Deans' offices, and ITS, pitched in with key support.

It is this rallying around that helps keep Smith the strongest Fulbright program in the nation.

Please notify us via the easy form of any Smith fellowships winner not listed below.


1 Amgen Foundation Scholar
1 Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) Undergraduate Fellowship

43 Fulbright


1 Amgen Foundation Scholar

ShuMing Huang '15
Mentor: Sarah Reisman
Recommenders: Kevin Shea, David Gorin, Sara Sandstrom

1 Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) Undergraduate Fellowship

Eden Bonjo '16
Mentor: Susan Van Dyne
Recommenders: L. David Smith, Nehemiah Hodges
Consultant: Daryl Gehman


43 Fulbright

Amelia Burke '15
Morocco: Agriculture
"How Different Grazing Methods Stimulate Atlas Mountain Pasture Regrowth"
Mentor: Greg White
Recommenders: Greg White, Abdelkader Berrahmoun, Paul Wetzel
Foreign Language Evaluator: Abdelkader Berrahmoun
Consultants: Nola Reinhardt, Nadya Sbaiti, Greg White

"Nicole" Grace Chang '15
Taiwan: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: Janice Gatty
Recommenders: Janice Gatty, Susan Etheredge, Marsha Liaw
Foreign Language Evaluator: Ling Zhao
Consultant: Marsh Liaw

Emily Clark '05
Trinidad and Tobago: Environmental Studies
"Assessment of Marine Resource Use for Sustaining Artisanal Fisheries"
Mentor: Paulette Peckol
Recommenders: Paulette Peckol, L. David Smith, Virginia Hayssen
Consultant: Camille Washington-Ottombre

Anna Compere '15
Rwanda: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: Joanne Corbin
Recommenders: Mehammed Mack, Caroline Melly, Jeffrey Ahlman
Foreign Language Evaluator: Dawn Fulton

Ana Darrow '15
United Kingdom: Theater Studies
"The Generative Potential of a Disability Aesthetic of Performance"
Mentor: Kevin Rozario
Recommenders: Andrea Hairston, Kevin Rozario, Christen Mucher
Consultants: Elizabeth Pryor, Chris Aiken, Christen Mucher

"Thea" Theadora Dennis '15
Belgium: Biology
"Discovering New Targets for Breast Cancer Therapy: A Unique Fatty Acid Pathway"
Mentor: Rob Dorit
Recommenders: Robert Dorit, William Kinlaw, Glenn Williams

Marisal Dobbins '15
China: Area Studies
"Successful Watershed Conservation for Water Resource Security in Lashi, Yunnan"
Mentor: Andy Rotman
Recommenders: Craig Davis, Katrina O'brien, Jiajia Wang
Foreign Language Evaluator: Jiajia Wang
Consultants: Andy Rotman, Craig Davis

Julia Dobner-Pereira '12
Lesotho: Theater Studies
"Applied Theatre Participation to Improve Wetlands Preservation"
Mentor: Daniel Kramer
Recommenders: Patricia DiBartolo, Jessica Litwak, Mia Yoo
Consultants: Paul Dobner, Andrea Pereira, Chloe Piazza, Tsepo Mokuku

Jordan Dubin '15
Argentina: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: Sam Intrator
Recommenders: Sam Intrator, Ibtissam Bouachrine, Christine Shelton
Foreign Language Evaluator: Ibtissam Bouachrine

Dylan Farrell '12
Peru: Sociology
"Urban Agriculture: Growing Women's Access to Food Sustainability"
Mentor: Elisabeth Armstrong
Recommenders: Elisabeth Armstrong, Payal Banerjee, Anuradha Mittal
Foreign Language Evaluator: Molly Falsetti-Yu
Consultants: Elisabeth Armstrong, Michelle Joffroy, Linda Seligmann, Iris Lanao Flores, Rosario Gomez-Gamarra, Carmen Diana-Deere, Angela Oliverio

Afreen Gandhi '15
Malaysia: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: Pinky Hota
Recommenders: Nalini Bhushan, Andrea Hairston, Ellen Kaplan
Consultants: Ryan Lewis, Peter Sapira, Nighat Gandhi

Rebecca Gerdes '14
United Kingdom: Archeology
"Preserving Ancient Pottery: Unearthing Cultural Practices Using a Cutting-Edge Technique"
Mentor: Kate Queeney and Rob Dorit
Recommenders: Kate Queeney, Scott Bradbury, David Dempsey
Consultants: Mark Pollard, Rob Dorit, Stacie Hagenbaugh, Clarke Knight, Lale Burk

"Mari" Marichuy Gomez '14
Turkey: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: Helen Visentin
Recommenders: Velma Garcia, Jennifer Guglielmo, Gary Lehring
Consultants: Gregory White, Jeremy Wolf

Symone Gosby '15
South Korea: Sociology
"Invisibility Becoming Visible: Disability Rights Movement Advancements"
Mentor: Brent Durbin
Recommenders: Brent Durbin, Jina Kim, Laura Rauscher
Foreign Language Evaluator: Chan Young Park (Five College)
Consultants: Andrea Kang, Aileen Kim, Jina Kim, Laura Rauscher

Stephanie Greene '15
Mexico: Performance Art
"Bodies in Motion: The Impact of New Wave Feminism on Cross-Border Culture"
Mentor: John Gibson
Recommenders: John Gibson, Ariel Goldberg, Sarah Rodigari
Foreign Language Evaluator: Martin Bonadeo
Consultants: John Slepian, Amanda Herman, Stacy Finkelstein

Angela Hwang '15
Thailand: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: Charles Staelin
Recommenders: Charles Staelin, Yalin Chen, Simon Halliday

Caitlin Jordan '13
Indonesia: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: Dennis Yasutomo
Recommenders: Dennis Yasutomo, David Kalivas, Lore Porter
Consultants: Sharon Jordan, Marilana Rufo, Danielle Grigsby

Danielle Julien Trice '14
South Korea: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: Lucy Mule
Recommenders: Rob Dorit, Marnie Anderson, William Oram
Foreign Language Evaluator: Suk Massey
Consultants: Lucy Mule, Marnie Anderson, William Oram

Hannah Kaplan-Hartlaub '15
Spain: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: Maria Estela Harretche
Recommenders: Maria Estela Harretche, Tina Wildhagen, Kimberly Surrette
Foreign Language Evaluator: Maria Estela Harretche
Consultant: Tina Wildhagen

Mekala Keshu '15
India: Psychology
"Exploring Psychosocial Support Systems As a Preventive Measure Against Dementia"
Mentor: Peter de Villiers
Recommenders: Peter de Villiers, Bill Peterson, Jacqueline Woolley
Consultants: Mary Harrington, Bill Peterson, Peter de Villiers, Jill de Villiers, Jacqueline Woolley

"Jenny" Jennifer Koss '14
South Korea: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: Jina Kim
Recommenders: Marnie Anderson, Aurelia Campbell, James Middlebrook
Consultants: Marnie Anderson, Jina Kim, Aurelia Campbell, James Middlebrook

Kay Kulason '15
Japan: Biology
"The Effects of Learning Therapy on Patients with Postoperative Cognitive Decline"
Mentor: Mary Harrington
Recommenders: Mary Harrington, Maki Hubbard, Sandra Mooney
Foreign Language Evaluator: Yuri Kumagai
Consultants: Dennis Yasutomo + wife, Katherine Halvorsen, Thomas Rohlich

"Jackie" Jacqueline Leahy '14
Kazakhstan: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: Nalini Bhushan
Recommenders: Laurel Zuckerman, Naomi Miller, Nalini Bhushan

Noemi Linares-Ramirez '15
Brazil: Sociology
"Progress Towards Improving the Quality of Life of Indigenous People in São Paulo"
Mentor: Nancy Whittier
Recommenders: Nancy Whittier, Marc Steinberg, Malcolm McNee
Foreign Language Evaluator: Malcolm McNee
Consultant: Marguerite Harrison

Elisabeth Mah '15
South Korea: Psychology
"Influence of Personality Traits and Cultural Identity on Interpersonal Relationships"
Mentor: Bill Peterson
Recommenders: Bill Peterson, Dennis Yasutomo, Jina Kim
Foreign Language Evaluator: Chan Young Park (Five College)
Consultants: Dennis Yasutomo, Jina Kim, Andrea Kang

Paxton Misra '15
Germany: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: Roisin O'Sullivan
Recommenders: Roisin O'Sullivan, Jeffrey Ahlman, Jocelyne Kolb
Foreign Language Evaluator: Jocelyne Kolb
Consultants: Jeffrey Ahlman, Joseph McVeigh, Christen Mucher

Milanes Morejon '15
Brazil: Anthropology
"Cultural Bridge: Immigrant Integration Success through a São Paulo Community Center"
Mentor: Michelle Joffroy
Recommenders: Marguerite Harrison, Malcolm McNee, Jennifer Guglielmo
Foreign Language Evaluator: Marguerite Harrison
Consultants: Marguerite Harrison, Malcolm McNee, Jennifer Guglielmo

Monica Munoz '15
Spain: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: Rick Fantasia
Recommenders: L'Tanya Richmond, Nancy Whittier, Ginetta Candelario
Foreign Language Evaluator: Silvia Berger
Consultant: Rick Fantasia

McClain Musson '12
Columbia: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: Jennifer Guglielmo
Recommenders: Nancy Meyers-Brown, Jennifer Guglielmo, Angela Denman
Foreign Language Evaluator: Ibtissam Bouachrine
Consultants: Tony Delarosa, Jennifer Guglielmo, Nancy Meyers-Brown, Grace Underwood

Alice Ng '15
Macau: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: Alice Hearst
Recommenders: Patrick Coby, Martine Gantrel-Ford, Natalie Cox
Foreign Language Evaluator: Elena Chiu (Five College)
Consultant: Ruth Isserman

Vy Nguyen '15
South Korea: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: Richard Millington
Recommenders: William Oram, Suk Massey, Nicholas Albertson
Foreign Language Evaluator: Suk Massey
Consultants: William Oram, Suk Massey

Lindsey Osburnsen '15
Mozambique: Language and Literature
"Writing Spaces: Completing the Story of Contemporary Mozambican Literature"
Mentor: Malcolm McNee
Recommenders: Marguerite Harrison, William Oram, Michael Gorra
Foreign Language Evaluator: Malcolm McNee
Consultants: Marguerite Harrison, Ellen Watson, Katwiwa Mula

Mariah Prescott '14
Germany: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: Judith Keyler-Mayer
Recommenders: Judith Keyler-Mayer, John Connolly, Jocelyne Kolb
Foreign Language Evaluator: Judith Keyler-Mayer
Consultants: Nora Nadire, John Connolly, Judith Keyler-Mayer, Ashton Fancy, Johanna Gustin, Emily Coda

"Edie" Maredith Richardson '15
France: Law
"Analysis of the Enforcement of Anti-Hate Speech Laws to Gauge their Effectiveness"
Mentor: Jonathan Gosnell
Recommenders: Jonathan Gosnell, Alice Hearst, Martine Gantrel-FOrd
Foreign Language Evaluator: Martine Gantrel
Consultants: Marc Lendler, Mehammed Mack, Denise Rochat, Debra Carney

"Izzy" Isabelle Ross '15
Germany: Political Science, Misc.
"Funny Serious: Stand-up Comedy's Progression on Cabaret's Social and Political Commentary"
Mentor: Joel Westerdale and Justin Cammy
Recommenders: Christian Rogowski (Five College), Justin Cammy, Martine Gantrel-Ford
Foreign Language Evaluator: Anca Holden (Five College)
Consultants: Joseph McVeigh, Bryan van Sweringen, Judith Keyler-Mayer

Kirsten Silfvenius '13
Mongolia: Anthropology
"Becoming Prepared: Mongolian Scouting as Youth Empowerment"
Mentor: Suzanne Gottschang
Recommenders: Suzanne Gottschang, Ulziijargal Sanjaasuren, Marc Tasse
Foreign Language Evaluator: Mandukhai Ganbat

Fuchsia Spring '15
Turkey: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: William Oram
Recommenders: Jeffrey Ahlman, Richard Millington, William Oram

Greta Stacy '15
Indonesia: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: Kevin Rozario
Recommenders: Glenn Ellis, David Gorin, Kevin Shea

Ayla Staelin-Lefsky '15
Jordan: History, Cultural and Intellectual
"Living Artifacts: Involving Community Stakeholders to Promote Archaeological Preservation"
Mentor: Ernest Benz
Recommenders: Ernest Benz, Glenn Corbett, Morag Kersel
Foreign Language Evaluator: Olla Al-Salchi
Consultants: Glenn Corbett, Morag Kersel, Elena Corbett

Chloe Vaughn '15
Germany: History, Cultural and Intellectual
"From Goethe to Goebbels: Hamburg's German Studies as Influenced by National Socialism"
Mentor: Joseph McVeigh
Recommenders: Jocelyne Kolb, Joseph McVeigh, Ernest Benz
Foreign Language Evaluator: Joseph McVeigh
Consultant: Ernest Benz

"Alice" Yiqian Wang '15
United Kingdom: Political Science, Misc.
"The Influence of Affluence: Impact of Economic Disparity on Democratic Governance"
Mentor: Susan Levin
Recommenders: Susan Levin, Emanuel Coman, Rebecca Winthrop
Consultants: Pat Coby, Greg White, Donald Baumer

Anne Wyszewianski '15
Japan: Language and Literature
"In Her Own Words: The Liberating Role of Women's Memoirs in Modern Japan"
Mentor: Kimberly Kono
Recommenders: Kimberly Kono, Dennis Yasutomo, Thomas Rohlich
Foreign Language Evaluator: Yuri Kumagai
Consultants: Maki Hubbard, Eeva Sointu, Ginetta Candelario

Samantha Zizi '15
Mexico: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: Patricia Gonzalez
Recommenders: Margaret Bruzelius, Kate Queeney, Julio Alves
Foreign Language Evaluator: Maria Estela Harretche
Consultants: Julio Alves, Brian Turner, Michelle Joffroy