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Research, Study, Teaching, Practicums

Updated 4/17/14

Smith Fulbrighters have in recent years gone to about 58 different countries.
Updated through the 2012–13 application year.

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Argentina Anthropology, Economics, Cultural and Intellectual History
  Modern History, Teaching

  • Impact of Forensic Science on Human Rights Movement in Argentina

    In the wake of the military dictatorship of the 1970s, Argentina pioneered forensic science applications to a human rights movement. Through an investigation in Córdoba and Buenos Aires, I intend to explore the introduction and subsequent evolution of forensic sciences on the history and direction of the human rights movement, utilizing expert interviews and research of data provided by the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team.
Cultural and Intellectual History
  • Psychodrama, Politics and the Theatrical Legacy of Eduardo Pavlovsky

    I plan to document the influential work of Eduardo Pavlovsky, an internationally renowned Argentine playwright and psychoanalyst. His psychoanalytic theater inspires up and coming playwrights and versions of the psychodramatic treatment model he introduced to Argentina are being implemented in the U.S. I will go back to the source of these innovations, interview Pavlovsky, and investigate the socio-political context that shaped his work.


  • Viability of Cooperatives as an Alternative Business Model

    This project presents a thorough evaluation of the viability of cooperatives as an alternative business model. Conventional wisdom postulates that cooperatives are more socially responsible businesses, but also that they are not economically viable. This investigation examines the validity of both claims through the study of the recovered factory cooperatives in Argentina via interviews, employee surveys and a comparison with the private sector.
Modern History
  • Emergence of the Graphic Novel as Mainstream Literature

    The Argentine graphic novel defines generations through culturally relevant themes. It is now transitioning to a respected literary form through academic and financial support by universities and governments. I will investigate the conditions necessary for economic and literary viability. My project includes researching at the University of Buenos Aires, interviewing academics, printers and authors, and traveling to provincial communities of artists and writers.
Teaching English
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    Drawing on my teaching experiences, I will seek to foster a classroom environment in which student learning is based on inductive, communicative group work and oral interaction. In addition to teaching, I would undertake a poetry translation project, enroll in graduate courses at a public university and volunteer at a local high school to gain a deeper understanding of the Argentine public education system.
Azerbaijan Political Science

Political Science
  • Hope for Peace in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict

    I propose to research the political opinions of Azerbaijani youth on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict to determine whether the next generation could contribute towards dissolving the antagonism over the region. I will conduct this research in affiliation with the NATO International School of Azerbaijan, which is building a "Youth Peace Platform." I will additionally do volunteer work at the Women and Modern World Social and Charitable Center.
Australia Philosophy

  • Uniting Science and Metaphysics through Embracing the Reality of Inherent Contradiction

    Extending an Australian-born philosophical model, I propose to develop a more inclusive account of how we come to understand the world. Dialetheism offers a novel way to explain contradictory theories in the sciences, required for science to be metaphysically informative. Guided by the world's leading experts in this field, I will examine how we might reconcile dialetheism and scientific realism to unite the historically divided fields of science and metaphysics.
Austria Comparative Literature, Political Science

Comparative Literature
  • Vienna's Diaries: The Thoughts that Filled the Coffeehouses

    Working in archives and libraries, I will explore how public representations of Vienna's fin-de-siècle Kaffeehaus culture relate to private diaries and other first-person accounts from the period, examining not only the historical and literary, but also "das Alltägliche" – the everyday delights and side streets. Employing the diary as an avenue of approach will provide a degree of candidness and a diversity of voices often lacking in historical accounts and novels.
Political Science
  • International Conflict Resolution and Teaching English

    I am applying to go to Austria for the 2007-08 academic year to take courses at the University of Vienna in the fields of international relations and security studies and intern at the Austrian organization Konfliktkultur, dedicated to resolving conflict and promoting peace. Also, I will teach English to secondary school students and create an after-school program that incorporates documentary and popular culture films to help explicate the American way of life.
Bangladesh Biology
  • Low-Cost Accurate Test to Quickly Detect Dengue Virus to Help Save Lives

    Dengue causes more deaths than any other mosquito-borne viral infection in the world (WHO, 2012). The current methods to detect dengue in Bangladesh using serological tests are not always sensitive and therefore result in a delay in diagnosing the illness. Therefore, implementation of the low-cost and accurate DNA multiplex assay will allow healthcare professionals
  • Improved Detection and Eradication of a Widespread Disfiguring Disease

    Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) is a debilitating and disfiguring disease that is endemic to 50 percent of Bangladesh's 64 districts and predominantly afflicts the poor. To improve the sensitivity and accuracy of LF monitoring, I propose to optimize and compare two competitive diagnostic tests to determine the best test for helping to eradicate LF in Bangladesh. Accurate detection of LF is key to preventing future re-emergence of the disease.
Bolivia Sociology

  • Aymara Parents' Involvement in Their Children's Schools

    In 1994, the Bolivian government passed an education reform law aimed at equalizing the opportunities of all Bolivians, emphasizing family participation in achieving this goal. I plan to study how indigenous Aymara parents who migrate to the city of El Alto understand their roles as school parents and how they are involved in their children's schools, as well as how schools' teachers and administrators view this parental participation.
Botswana Journalism, Public Health

  • Gaborone 'Live' -- Forging Informed Connections Through New Media

    I will study the ways young urban Batswana are positioned to integrate new media into everyday life as wireless broadband is extended across Gaborone. I will also assist the University of Botswana in the year-long implementation of the school's first student-run Web site that engages multimedia.
Public Health
  • Understanding Impediments to Traditional Healing/Biomedical Collaboration

    I propose to study how the mindsets of traditional healers and biomedical practitioners have impacted collaboration between the two groups in Botswana. Though there is official support for collaboration and the resources traditional healers could offer are enormous and desperately needed, these collaborations appear not to have materialized to the extent to which they could. Gaining insight into the attitudes of both groups could improve this.
Brazil Agriculture, Journalism, Language and Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, Teaching

  • Boosting the Viability of Sustainable Agro-Forestry Through Collective Marketing

    I propose to study four marketing cooperatives in the eastern Amazon state of Pará that have successfully joined forces to better access the growing national and international açaí markets. I will follow the route açaí takes from forest to market to identify this model's financial and environmental benefits. My aim is to develop a set of recommendations that could be applied for the collective marketing of other Amazon agro-forestry.
  • Sustainability of Small-Scale Farming in Strategic Agricultural Region

    I propose to study agricultural cooperatives and affiliated small farmers through fieldwork conducted at dairy farms and cooperatives in the Vale do Paraíba, supplemented with research completed at the University of São Paulo. Dairy farms in the region have long held a strategic position in São Paulo's economy, but small-scale farmers have been challenged by fluctuating milk prices, state policy, and an uncertain international economy.
  • Grassroots Journalism Seeds Second-Generation Agrarian Reform

    The Landless Workers Movement (MST) is widely regarded as the largest social experiment in all of Latin America with over 1.5 million participants throughout Brazil. I will study how this organization cultivates local community journalism through various media sources in order to encourage a mission of agricultural, ecological and social sustainability as they enter their second generation.
Language and Literature
  • Beyond the Tropical: Bahia Re-Imagined Through the Universal Poetry of Myriam Fraga

    Myriam Fraga is the widely esteemed contemporary poet of Salvador and Executive Director of Fundação Casa de Jorge Amado, a vibrant literary institution. As part of a larger project to translate Fraga's works, I will explore the role of the woman poet in conceiving a new vision of Salvador that illuminates the literary dynamism of the region. Fraga's universal voice has re-invigorated for decades the Bahian world of famous novelist Jorge Amado.
  • Benefiting From Public-Private Prison Partnerships in a Quest to Reduce Recidivism

    I will explore the reasons for the reported successes of public-private prison partnerships. What accounts for their safer environments compared to the public prison sector thus far and to what extent have these prison environments reduced recidivism? In exploring the outcomes alongside the model's ethical considerations, we can learn what it can contribute to prison facilities in need of more promising ways to restore prisoners to their families and communities.
Political Science
  • Meta2010's Water Management Stakeholder Collaboration on the Rio das Velhas

    I propose to research the elements that have fostered stakeholder collaboration regarding water management goals within Brazil's Rio das Velhas basin. Specifically, I will explore the social and situation dynamics that led diverse stakeholders to commit to and carry out an ambitious river clean-up effort known as Meta2010.
Teaching English
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    Drawing on my experience tutoring English as a Second Language and background as a first-generation American, I will create engaging lessons which will enable my students to improve their English. I will foster a welcoming classroom where students will be able to enhance their knowledge of the U.S. and their language abilities in preparation for the 2016 Olympics. As an ETA, I will practice my near fluent Portuguese while giving back to my community.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    My goal is to teach English to Brazilian university students in preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games by drawing on my teaching experience and ESL tutoring work. As a first-generation American, I hope to offer perspective on the importance of learning English and create an engaging classroom. Through the Fulbright ETA, I will better understand Brazil’s global role while continuing to explore the beauty of the Portuguese language.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    My hope is to reduce barriers that inhibit global citizens from intimately knowing, learning from, and working with each other. Drawing on my college experience of studying four languages and teaching EFL to Brazilians, I will teach lessons in which students will delve into U.S. history and cultural diversity while enhancing their English communication skills as they discuss, read and write about relevant topics. I will also train as an interpreter.

Bulgaria Teaching

Teaching English
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    Teaching in Bulgaria will give me the opportunity to bring the English language to a country that both fascinates and intrigues me. I was first attracted to Bulgaria because of its complex history and multiple layers of culture, and I hope to learn more about it through my teaching and volunteering. I will utilize my experience teaching English to create a classroom environment that is inclusive and fosters the desire to learn.
Burkina Faso Theatre Studies

Theatre Studies
  • Contemporary Dance: African Traditions, Innovations, and Exchanges

    Burkina Faso is a critical outpost for contemporary dance in Africa - a community that has particularly close but also fraught relationship with the dance traditions of the region, as today's African dance artists seek to make work that is significant on both the local and the international scale. I will research the Burkinabé dance communities in order to articulate new frames of reference for the complex interactions taking place through dance.
Cameroon Environmental Studies, Public Health

Public Health

  • Preventing Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission: Barriers to Treatment for Pregnant Women

    I propose to join an ongoing project aimed at preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV. This type of transmission is preventable with the proper treatment, yet despite recent efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa, many infants still become infected. I will catalog and quantitate the complex barriers preventing HIV-infected pregnant women in Yaoundé, Cameroon from receiving prenatal care, including appropriate treatment of their HIV infection.

Environmental Studies

  • Ecological Perception and Resource Management in Rural Cameroon

    Working directly with the Center for Environment and Development, a Cameroonian NGO, I will conduct a year-long study of how rural citizens manage natural resources and perceive environmental change in their environs. I will also explore the environmental influence of rural community consultation, an important aspect of the Chad-Cameroon Petroleum Development and Pipeline Project.
Canada Film Studies, Psychology

Film Studies
  • The Role of Funding Sources in Canadian Indigenous Film

    The study I propose focuses on mainstream, independent, and experimental Indigenous cinema in Canada through an investigation of how films produced in this cinematic genre are affected by the funding source: public or private. How does this change the subject matter and the aesthetic/ideological method utilized by filmmakers? Data will include interviews with filmmakers, audience surveys, and comparative analysis of publicly and privately funded films.
  • Study of Second-Generation South Asian Immigrants in Toronto

    In 2008–2009, I propose to conduct a survey study on the ethnic and religious identity development of second-generation South Asian immigrants in Toronto, Ontario. Focusing on Bangladeshi and Pakistani Muslims, I will analyze how demographic information (e.g., current age, socio-economic status, and community composition) affects national, ethnic, and religious identity, acculturation style and psychological identity.
Chile Geology, Latin American Literature

  • Mitigating the Effects of Future Chilean Earthquakes Through a GIS Database

    I propose to compile and catalog information on past Chilean earthquakes in a geographic information system (GIS) database to not only help geoscientists anticipate future earthquakes, but also to provide better information about earthquakes for the general population through the creation of maps and kmz layers for GoogleEarth, thus mitigating damage to lives and property. What I learn can be applied to the U.S. West Coast as it is on a similar fault line.
Latin American Literature
  • The Theater of Isidora Aguirre

    I will research the plays of the highly prolific Isidore Aguirre, examining such issues as the reconstruction of history and the representation of marginalized communities and of women. My work will be supported by the Theater Department of the Universidad de Chile. It will involve library and archival research as well as interviews with Aguirre and other artists, and will be supplemented by courses taken at the Universidad de Chile.
China Political Science, Public Health

Political Science
  • Dimensions of Renewable Energy Policy Implementation

    Prior to the recently legislated Chinese National Renewable Energy Law which supports the development and utilization of renewable energy, Kunming, China has already been at the forefront of solar energy use. My research aims to study the local governmental policies and factors that contributed to the large scale use of solar panels in Kunming, China. How do national policy directives from the Chinese Renewable Energy Law translate into local implementation?
Public Health
  • Environmental Health of Ethnic Minority Homes in Yunnan Province

    I propose to study the environmental health factors of traditional ethnic minority homes in Yunnan Province, China. My objective will be to identify a sample of different minority homes and compare how they promote environmental health. The geographic and ethnic diversity found in Yunnan makes it an ideal location for this project.
Colombia Teaching

Teaching English
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I am applying to teach English at a Colombian university. My TESOL training, experience teaching English and time living abroad supply me with the skills and flexibility necessary to successfully fill this position. Classes based on dialogue and feedback will build students' language skills and familiarity with the U.S. To further engage with the community and country, I plan to volunteer teach at a local high school and take classes on the Colombian legal system.
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I am applying to work both as an English Teaching Assistant in Colombia and serve as an ambassador of the United States abroad. My lifelong commitment to the promotion of literacy and cross-cultural exchange, combined with my experience as a teacher of English and love for the rich culture, language, anf history of the Spanish-speaking world, leaves me eager to learn from and give back to the community in which I will live.
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    To excel as an ETA in Colombia, I bring teaching experience, supported by my coursework as an English major and time living in South America. To further engage with the community, I will offer to start an after-school creative writing group at a local high school. I will aim to expand my students' vision through creative writing, and help them use its expressiveness as a means of self-discovery and assertion to advance their ambitions.
Costa Rica Geology

  • Cloud Forests: How Important are the Clouds?

    The Monteverde cloud forest is a diverse system critical to maintaining both species diversity and the water supply for the Monteverde community during the dry season when cloud water interception by the canopy may be the major source of water. Thus, the cloud forest sustains canopy health as well as the Monteverde community. If low land deforestation is causing the cloud level to rise above the forest canopy line, what will be the consequences?
Egypt International Relations, Linguistics

International Relations
  • Egyptian International Trade Relations with the United States and China

    I propose to go to Cairo, Egypt to study Egyptian international trade relations with the US and China. I would spend my time both studying Arabic and conducting research with the American University in Cairo. I also plan to work with important members/organizations of civil society. The outcome of my research would be a report including a broad analysis of the socio-political impact of trade relations on the Egyptian people.
  • How Digital Media is Transforming Egyptian Colloquial Arabic into a Written Language

    I plan to chronicle the development of Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) in relation to digital media. The linguistic evolution of the Arabic language from Classical Arabic to modern regional colloquial dialects has barely been documented, particularly in the context of digital media. I will examine the development of ECA by looking to the digital sources that are enhancing its evolution and the younger populations driving these catalysts.
Estonia History

  • A Nation in the Wings that Took Center Stage

    I propose to study the role of Soviet-era Estonia as a bridge between East and West and an incubator of intellectual innovation in the shadow of the Iron Curtain. Rejected by Moscow and the author of a theory of culture inspired by his own situation in Estonia, Yuri Lotman embodies the contradictions and possibilities of this space and time. The theories and methods of analysis developed by Lotman and his colleagues influence scholars today.
Ethiopia Anthropology, Public Health

  • Affirming the Economic, Environmental & Socially Sustainable Rewards of the Ensete Plant

    I plan to explore Sidama women's involvement in ensete production to seek methods to support food security, environmental sustainability and economic viability. The ensete plant is integral to both Sidama culture and women's sociality, however production is at risk of decline due to urban migration and changes in food availability and consumption. I hope to offer recommendations for best practices regarding ensete to improve the health of the Sidama people.
Public Health
  • Building a Model of Pioneering Practical Anesthesiology Practice

    I propose to examine the development of Ethiopia's nurse anesthesiologist model within resource and topological constraints and the trajectory for optimizing care in a delegatory structure. The object of my study is to maximize the utility of this model as a heuristic for delegating anesthetic medicine.
Finland Economic Development, Medical Science, Theatre Studies

Economic Development
  • To gain a master's degree at the Institute of Development Studies

    My goal is to earn a degree in the master's program at the Institute for Development Studies at the University of Helsinki. The opportunity would provide me with a strong foundation in gaining theoretical as well as practical approaches to cooperative international development. With the institute's primary focus on the region of southern Africa, my interest in gaining expertise in the same area can ideally be met in such an environment.
Medical Science
  • Manipulating Virulence Genes Towards Eliminating a Major Cause of Gastroenteritis

    I will be pursuing a Master's Degree in Translational Medicine at the University of Helsinki. My master's thesis will focus on studying and developing ways to regulate the bacterial virulence genes responsible for a disease that is the third leading cause of gastroenteritis in Europe. Understanding this disease is crucial for vaccine and antibacterial drug development in the future.
Theatre Studies
  • Finnish and American Connections in the Choreography of Tero Saarinen

    This project examines Finnish choreographer Tero Saarinen's interpretation and re-exportation of American Shaker subject matter in his 2004 modern dance masterpiece "Borrowed Light." Through archival research, performance analysis, and new interviews, I will investigate the work's artistic composition and relate it to Finnish and American reception of the work. In doing so, I will highlight the territory it claims for international connection and exchange.
France Art and Architectural History, Musicology, Teaching, Urban Development and Planning

Art and Architectural History
  • Power Accrued through the Objets d'Art of a Dowager Queen

    I intend to study the artistic patronage of Jeanne d'Evreux, a dowager queen from the fourteenth century, and how it relates to her accretion of power. Benefiting from the entwined nature of the church and state, Jeanne used religious objects as a means to physically demonstrate her power. Her patrimony is an unexplored example of the correlation between objects and power that is still manipulated in politics today.
  • A Catalogue of the Complete Musical Works of Gabriel Fauré

    I intend to compile a complete thematic catalogue of the musical works of Gabriel Fauré, one of the major French composers of the 19th century. This project has not yet been accomplished because of previously unresolved questions on the chronology of autograph scores, all of which have now been answered. Such a catalogue is a standard bibliographic tool for musicologists, and will facilitate Fauré's proper place in the history of music.
  • Teaching Assistantship

    I propose to teach English in France. I will share my experience of the American culture through my bicultural perspective and transmit my knowledge of the English language. My extensive background in tutoring as well as in my study of languages will help me create constructive and engaging lessons to facilitate the learning of English.
Urban Development and Planning
  • Five Years of Velib': Lessons From the World's Pre-Eminent Urban Bike-Sharing Program

    I propose to study the policies and programmatic initiatives that have allowed the bike-sharing program Velib' to thrive on the streets of Paris. Launched in 2007, Velib' quickly has become the world's pre-eminent example of a large-scale, urban bike-sharing program, prompting investment in bike-sharing programs in over 100 cities worldwide. Velib' offers a rich unexplored opportunity for such a case study because of its age, size, and stature.
Germany Architecture, Chemistry, Cultural and Intellectual History, Engineering,
  Geography, History, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Teaching, Theater Studies

  • Constructing Exhibition Spaces in Post-War Berlin

    I propose to study the symbolic implications of three art institutions in Berlin and their reflections of the construction of Post-WWII German cultural and self-identity. The three institutions to be examined are the Neue Nationalgalerie (New National Gallery), the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum for Contemporary Art and the Boros Bunker collection of contemporary art, three different architectural types with unique histories.
  • Asymmetric Synthesis of Chiral Sulfoximines

    Small chiral molecules are used for a variety of applications including as catalysts used in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals or as drugs themselves, specifically as possible treatments for cancer. Sulfoximines are a class of molecules that have been successfully used in both fields. In an attempt to make their synthesis more efficient, and sulfoximines therefore more available for research, I propose to study new methods for the imination of sulfoxides.
Cultural and Intellectual History
  • German Mail Art Practices from 1975 to 1990

    I propose to conduct a research project exploring the cultural significance of the Mail Art Movement in Germany from 1975 to 1990. My research will be conducted in Berlin from October 2007 to July 2008. The project will shed light on a neglected aspect of East and West German relations before reunification, and provide me with an experience that will support my future course of study upon return to the U.S.
  • When the "Brown Pest" Showed Up at the Party -- St. Pauli Under the Nazi Regime

    I propose to conduct research exploring Hamburg's entertainment district, St. Pauli, under the Nazi regime which had contradicting attitudes on morality and sexuality. I will examine how they conflicted with life in the district. I will examine original source materials in various archives and investigate different groups of people usually associated with St. Pauli in order to see how the district aligned with this Nazi dichotomy.


  • Protecting Vital Data-Privacy Security while Developing Smart Grid Infrastructure

    The E-Energy Project is implementing Smart Grid electricity infrastructures in six regions across Germany. I propose to compare these six Smart Grid designs with respect to data privacy protection by working with an affiliate advisor at the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg. I will identify positive data protection design features for Smart Grid implementation generalizable to other projects to safeguard privacy in Germany and elsewhere.


  • Maintaining the Delicate Balance of Tourism and Conservation on a Protected Landscape

    The conservation of Sylt, an island bordering a UNESCO World Heritage site, is governed by conflict between natural and anthropogenic processes. Using aerial photographs and ArcGIS, this project delves into the role tourism plays on conservation and coastal protection, and will be supplemented by participation in a sand-renourisment study at the Alfred Wegener Institute, and by an environmental outreach internship and university courses.
  • Meridian Circle Astronomy: Hamburg Observatory's Connection to Global Navigation

    I propose to spend a year at the Hamburg Observatory and Hamburg State Archives researching the scientific history of meridian circle, or positional, astronomy and its connection to Hamburg's long role in sea travel and trade. I will work with previously unresearched documents, examine historical instruments, and conduct interviews with scientists in the field. My goal is to publish a historical catalogue and create new exhibit at the Hamburg Observatory.
  • Voices of Heresy: Philosophies of the Beguines and Meister Eckhart

    I propose an exploration of the influence of voice in the work of the renowned theologian Meister Eckhart and the Beguines, late medieval counterparts of our contemporaries who challenge and redefine the role of women in religion and society. These German mystics were condemned as heretics for their articulations of direct union with God. How do the Beguines' distinctly feminine voice – and Meister Eckhart's adaptations thereof – alter how these philosophies are read?
  • Producing Highly Charged Ions to Understand the Material of the Universe

    I propose to develop a critical cooling technique to slow highly charged ions (HCI) so that they can be studied, at a unique facility in Darmstadt allowing for further research in cutting-edge accelerator physics. Because these ions comprise most of the visible matter in the universe, the understanding of HCI will contribute to fields such as stellar evolution, plasma physics, and radiology treatments for cancer patients.
  • Acknowledging the Forgotten Risk Group: Trans-Generational Effects of Anxiety Disorders

    I propose to conduct a study assessing the extent to which anxiety is passed on to the children of patients with clinical anxiety in cooperation with the CHIMPS (Children of Mentally Ill Parents) prevention program at the University Clinic Eppendorf (UKE) in Hamburg. I will assess children's risk and resilience factors for developing an anxiety disorder, as well as prevention strategies administered through the program.
Teaching English
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I am eager to teach English to pre-university German students by drawing upon my experience tutoring, mentoring and counseling children and young adults. I will create an interactive classroom that balances teaching English grammar with learning conversation skills through group activities and individualized projects. I hope my students will gain an appreciation of American culture and learn to speak English with confidence.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    Working as an English Teaching Assistant in Germany would give me an inside look at Germany's respected educational system and a chance to give back to a country that has given me so much. I want to build on my teaching experiences as an ESL tutor in Germany and Spain to teach German students about American language and culture through the use of online media and film.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I will bring my fairly extensive teaching experience to this ETA assignment. Drawing upon my keen studies in German and my interest in facilitating communication, I aim to bring both my understanding of languages and my enthusiasm for teaching to the classroom. I expect to return with a deeper appreciation for teaching, multilingual communication, and German customs.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I am applying for a Fulbright to teach English in Germany during the 2010 – 2011 academic year. I will draw on my academic background in German Studies, my knowledge of the United States and my pedagogical experiences in order to teach my students about American culture and the English language. Outside of the classroom I will form an American Club for students interested in "cultural" learning and will volunteer with "Die Tafeln" in my local community.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I am applying for a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Germany. I will draw on my experience as an American teaching abroad not only to promote understanding of American culture, but also to help do away with misconceptions and false stereotypes that many foreigners have about America, Americans and American culture. I believe that this sort of understanding is particularly important in today's increasingly global world.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I am eager to teach English to German middle and high school students. My appreciation of Germany's rich history, language, and culture led me to major in German Studies. I hope to combine that interest with my knowledge of American history and culture to educate German students about these topics and help create accurate conceptions about Americans and American culture. I will also research military strategic thinking on medieval German castles.

  • A Modern Approach to English Teaching Assistantship

    I will teach English in Germany drawing on my pedagogical experience, a diverse personal and educational background, and a commitment to cultural exchange. I will use my connections to an American high school German teacher to facilitate interaction between American and German students via web cam. If possible, I will continue to pursue my study of microelectronic systems.

  • Tailoring English Aquisition to What Interests Students about America

    I am applying for a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship in Germany during the 2008-2009 academic year. Drawing upon my experience as a teacher and my multicultural background, I would seek to facilitate a growing awareness and promotion of cross-cultural communication.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I will teach English as a second language to German students, using my knowledge of the English language and American culture, my pedagogical experience, and my commitment to cultural exchange. I will also research Gustav Mahler's early compositions, and form a group of German music students to discuss and compare experiences in studying music history in Germany and the United States.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I will teach English in a German middle or high school, using my knowledge of the English language, American history and culture to create engaging lessons. During my time outside the classroom, I will use my extensive experience in student government to assist my German students in establishing their own student government association. Additionally, I will study local politics to deepen my understanding of the German political system.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I will teach English to German students using my knowledge of pedagogy and language development. I will focus on using interactive and engaging teaching methods to introduce German students to numerous aspects of American history and culture, such as government, foreign policy, and geography.

  • Teaching Assistantship

    Teaching English and American culture in a German middle or high school. During my time not teaching I plan to enroll in Turkish language classes and do work in the Turkish community. Within that community I would focus on local women's issues, in particular issues of violence against women, for which I gained preparation last summer in Baltimore working as an intern at a center for victims of domestic and sexual violence.

  • Teaching Assistantship

    I will teach English to students in Germany, using my knowledge of language pedagogy, English grammar and language history, and American history and culture to create an engaging atmosphere to introduce my students to a view of the world brought on by learning a new language.

  • Teaching American Culture and English in Germany

    I will bring my dedication, enthusiasm and breadth of teaching experience to my teaching of English as a second language in a German school. I will convey my love of language to my students and engage them in activities that foster their English language communication skills. I will also take particular pride in sharing my culture with both my students and my colleagues.

  • Teaching American Culture and English in Germany

    My overseas experience and study of international affairs, plus my growing concern about the United States and its place in world politics have inspired me to become involved in educating non-U.S. citizens about American culture and language. Using interactive teaching methods, I will teach German students about the complexity of American culture, our government system, and English.

  • Educating Germans in English and American Culture

    I will teach English in Germany. I will use my experiences from my extracurricular activities and my academic pursuits to develop a unique, innovative, and engaging academic plan in Germany. My English lessons will be lively and interesting. I have extensive knowledge of American culture and politics that I hope to share with my students.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    Working as an ETA in Germany would allow me to give back to an education system that once gave to me when I was a student in a German high school. My preparation as a teaching assistant and my history of foreign language study equips me to improve the English of students in a classroom setting. I intend to impart English as a language of cultural connection that my students can use in the world.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    My motivation to serve as a Fulbright Teaching Assistant in Germany is threefold. First, there is my desire to expand my existing knowledge about the practical work of teaching language and literature. Second, the prospect of contributing something to a country where I have learned so much myself seems fitting. Finally, I'm excited to witness another system of secondary education, which will inform my career as an educator in the U.S.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    Working as an English language teaching assistant in a German high school, I would have the opportunity to not only perfect my German language skills, but also to learn much more about the culture, school system, and German adolescent life. I would then be better prepared to teach my future students in the United States about the German culture.
Theater Studies
  • Resurgent Spirit: Staging Life as a Theatrical Response to War's Devastation

    This study will investigate how the resilient reformation of theater in Hamburg in the aftermath of the Second World War has been reflected in the repertoire and reception of postwar German theater. In exploring the progression of the stage from 1930 to 1950, I hope to provide a deeper understanding of how the expressive arts of a culture, such as theater, can evolve after a time of devastation and act as an influence on contemporary productions.
Greece Oceanography

  • Reducing Seagrass Meadow Decline to Prevent Coastal Erosion and Preserve Fish Habitats

    I plan to locate and map the ecologically important meadows of Posidonia oceanica around Oinousses Island, and analyze their species richness and diversity. Posidonia oceanica seagrass beds are critical marine ecosystems that serve as nurseries to commercially important fish and as protection against coastal erosion.
Hungary Art and Architectural History, International Relations, Mathematics

Art and Architectural History
  • Italian Motifs in the Hungarian Renaissance

    It was commonly believed that the Hungarian Renaissance declined after the death of King Matthias Corvinus, but my examination of Hungary's artistic environment indicates new and inventive uses of Italian styles after his reign. I propose to bring to light the adaptation of Italian motifs in the oft-overlooked post-Matthian period of the Hungarian Renaissance.
International Relations
  • The European Union: Will the Agriculture Sector Survive?

    I propose to conduct independent research at ELTE in Budapest in 2002-2003. As Hungary prepares for a possible EU accession, a significant amount of attention has been given to this topic. I will seek to understand the impact the accession will have on the Hungarian agricultural sector. I will establish a personal agricultural network with political parties, academic experts, and (NGOs) throughout the country. In addition to volunteering several hours a week at the Center for Strategic and Defense Studies, my affiliation at ELTE will provide the appropriate foundation for me to begin my research; I will have access to previous publications and transcripts on this subject.
  • Algorithms for Computation of Cohomology Groups

    I propose to spend the 2005-2006 academic year in Budapest, Hungary, where I will conduct mathematical research in group cohomology with Professor Arpad Toth fo the Eotvos Lorand University. Professor Toth conducts research in the field of algebraic topology, and his main research interests are in constructing and implementing algorithms for computations of cohomology groups. I will work on applying a construction from his recent work.
India Anthropology, Biology, Environmental Studies, Psychology, Sociology

  • India's Changing Face: The Interplay of Advertising and National Self-Image

    I propose to explore the ongoing construction of India's national image through a study of the promotion of personal care and beauty aid products by the advertising industry in Delhi and Mumbai. Through an investigation of the branding and marketing of these consumer products, I will examine how the traditional and the modern are negotiated in the aspirational world of advertising and what this can tell us about India's evolving self-image.

  • Documenting the Negotiated Use of Public Space by Women Street Vendors in Ahmedabad

    The aim of my research is to determine the processes by which women vendors in the city of Ahmedabad claim the street to earn a livelihood. I will examine the strategies vendors employ to select, appropriate, and transform a public space into a private trading post. By understanding the importance of the street to the survival of micro-enterprises and the livelihoods of the urban poor, we can make development programs more effective.
  • Development and Implementation of a New DNA-Based Diagnostic Test

    India has one third of lymphatic filariasis cases worldwide. Diagnosis of lymphatic filariasis is difficult and in many places impossible to do on site. The ways to diagnosis lymphatic filariasis quickly and effectively are limited to expensive laboratory settings, completely unavailable to people needing the diagnosis. To make diagnosis of the disease more accessible, I plan to develop and apply a novel diagnostic test for rural areas.

Environmental Studies

  • Identifying Factors for Success in Innovative Rainwater Capture Initiatives

    With rising temperatures and a decrease in annual rainfall, the health and livelihood of Indian citizens is at stake. Using the 20 existing urban rainwater capture systems of Delhi's Centre for Science and the Environment as my lens, I plan to investigate the successful deployment of the systems in an urban Indian situation to understand factors that would encourage greater adoption.
  • Attitudes About Marriage Among Female College Students in Tamil Nadu

    I propose to explore how female college students in Tamil Nadu negotiate the complexities of getting married. Using cultural psychological methodology, I will use an exploratory interview approach to assess their attitudes, concerns, and expectations about marriage. I will then use this data to construct a culturally sensitive, quantitative psychological survey for studying marriage trends that will aid future research in India about this cultural indicator.
  • Negotiations of Spousal Choice as Depicted in Recent Bollywood Films

    I plan to study the construction and reception of conflict between familial duty and individual desire within the context of spousal choice in Bollywood films between 1990-2004. I posit that a shift occurred during the early 1990's, causing tension between the westernized-consumerist generation and traditionalism of family values. How are negotiations to resolve this conflict depicted and what does this show about the societal efforts towards reconciliation?
Indonesia Biology, Teaching

  • Developing Innovative Management Solutions in Small-Scale Fishing Communities

    This project will produce a strategic approach to regional management of orange-spotted grouper populations in small-scale fisheries, applicable across Indonesia for the sustainability of this economically important fish species. Though small-scale fisheries comprise a majority of Indonesia's fishing, serving over 10,000 coastal communities, scientific resources and management efforts are often directed towards commercial industries.
Teaching English
  • English Teaching Assistanship

    To teach English in Indonesia and start an after-school student mentoring program. My recent training in English Teaching Assistantship and youth development as well as my experience as an after-school teacher has prepared me for my role as an English teacher. In addition to teaching, I will volunteer with Indonesian youth programs, such as scouting, and learn Bahasa Indonesian.

  • English Teaching Assistanship

    My objective is to teach English to high school students in Indonesia. Through this exchange, my students will develop their conversational skills and learn about American history, culture and life. Beyond the classroom, I will take students to visit and interview local artists and craftspeople, and organize an Ultimate Frisbee team. I hope to gain more knowledge of Indonesia's diverse cultures and religions, and Bahasa Indonesia.

  • English Teaching Assistanship

    I am drawn to the cultural diversity of Indonesia, so different from any place I have experienced. This enormous multicultural republic offers an abundance of spiritual, culinary and cultural traditions, many still unfamiliar to Americans. As an ETA, I would tap into all of this diversity, using my EFL teaching and journalism background.
Ireland Language and Literature

Language and Literature
  • Fresh Feminine Voices: Transfiguring Irish-Language Poetry in the Postmodern Era

    I will examine Irish-language poetry by contemporary women poets in the context of a Masters in Modern Irish at University College Dublin, focusing on the techniques by which Celia de Fréine and other recent poets articulate a coherent poetic voice that is both Irish and international, private and public. With this study, I hope to contribute to a more nuanced understanding of language, gender, and Irish identity as embodied in Irish poetry today.
Israel Chemistry

  • The Merging of Synthesis and Theory: Understanding the Metalloaromatic Systems

    The combination of theory and experiment is crucial to understanding the chemical world around us. I propose to study metalloaromatic compounds, an exciting new class of molecules that are both aromatic and organometallic, with Profs. Jan Martin and Milko van der Boom in a collaborative effort between computational chemistry and organic synthesis. I personally will work computationally to answer fundamental questions about metalloaromatic systems.
Italy Area Studies, Education, Medieval and Renaissance History,
  Music Theory, Political Science, Teaching

Area Studies
  • La Cultura Altra and the Italian Left

    I propose to study how la cultura altra–Italian folk and leftist culture–informs the rhetoric of the contemporary Italian political left and reflects the tension in Italian politics. I will combine archival research and field work to investigate the dynamic between these elements of class and politics. My research will help reveal the political and social divisions within Italy and its potential to reconcile these divisions.
  • Potential and Power of Recreation Programs for Deaf Children

    Through studying the benefits of two of Italy's outdoor programs for deaf children, I will learn how to initiate similar programs in the U.S. Outdoor education provides a rich environment for social, physical and personal growth, skills vital to the successful integration of deaf children into the community. Based at Siena School's Deaf Studies Department I will study an after-school program for deaf students in Rome and a wilderness school in Reggio Emilia.
Medieval and Renaissance History
  • Cardinal Napoleone Orsini (1263-1342): his religious patronage

    I plan to investigate a paradox in the religious and political history of medieval Italy: to explore the tensions inherent in a scenario that has occurred many times throughout history, a grassroots movement surviving and growing through the patronage of figures whose own lives are wholly at odds with the movement's ideals. Cardinal Napoleone Orsini provides an excellent case study, an exciting opportunity to investigate this seeming inconsistency.
Music Theory
  • Preserving the Unique Ancient Songs of Sardinia

    p I plan to transcribe a collection of ancient songs sung in the a tenore style that is unique to the Barbagia region of Sardinia. The songbook I will compile together with an introduction to the music will serve as a vital record of current local favorites and will make the music available and accessible to people outside the Sardinian villages where these captivating melodies have been sung for centuries.
Political Science
  • Effective Media Strategies for Informing Italian Youth

    I plan to study the effectiveness of various media strategies for informing young voters in the North and South of Italy, under the supervision of Professor Patrizia Calefato, University of Bari, and Professor Patrizia Violi, University of Bologna. My results will help political organizations, especially those with limited resources, to engage young people, and thus help to promote their active, informed political participation.

  • Maintaining Italian Identity in Increasingly Diverse Early Childhood Schools

    I intend to identify how the distribution of foreign students within Italian pre-schools and primary schools affects assimilation, language acquisition, the preservation of Italian identity and the utilization of diversity as a resource. I will pursue two case studies in Turin and Milan. The findings of the project will provide qualitative data central to the debate on whether a more integrative or segregating approach best fits the needs of Italy's youth.
  • English Teaching Assistantship and Literary Research and After-School Program Volunteer

    To spend a year teaching English while also taking part in extracurricular volunteer activities that would improve my knowledge of Italian language and culture while enabling my involvement with students and members of the host community. In addiction to 12-16 hours of conversational English instruction each week, a major topic of which being American society, I am interested in volunteering for after-school programs for young children, which would allow me to interact in both English and Italian. I am also interested in volunteering for a cultural institution dedicated to studying and discovering connections between Italian and American writers and their respective literary traditions.
Jamaica Anthropology

  • Looking the Storm in the Eye: The Impact of Natural Disaster on Pediatric AIDS

    I will focus on pediatric AIDS patients in Mustard Seed Communities, the only home on the island for orphaned children suffering from AIDS. Collaborating with researchers from the medical school at the University of the West Indies, I will study the history of HIV/AIDS on the island of Jamaica, social and cultural stigmas surrounding the illness, and the impact of natural disaster on children suffering from AIDS.
Japan Art & Architectural History

Art and Architectural History
  • Reconstructing Emaki: Looking at History of Japanese Scroll Painting Through Art Conservation

    I propose to study the history, methods and techniques of art conservation, specifically focused on paper and scroll conservation, in Kyoto, Japan. The academic portion of the study will be done at the Kyoto City University of Arts and the practical skills will be solidified through an internship at conservation studios in Kyoto and/or Nagoya. The combined project will provide me with specialized restoration skills needed at museums in the United States.
Jordan Biology, Teaching

  • Detecting Deadly Parasites via One Quick, Accurate Test to Help Save Lives

    Thirteen percent of Jordanian children under age 5 who died in 2004 were killed by diarrhea (WHO). Causes of diarrheal disease include gastrointestinal parasites currently identified in patients' stool samples using microscopes. These methods are time consuming and ineffective. In order to accurately diagnose up to four gastrointestinal parasites in one assay, I will implement and optimize a single DNA-based diagnostic test that should help save lives.
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    My extensive experience as an ESL tutor has exposed me to the potential of utilizing media as an educational resource. I plan to incorporate this knowledge when placed as an English Teaching Assistant in Jordan, supported by my understanding of Arabic and studies of the Middle East. Extramurally, I intend to explore Arab identity through media and art forms, collaborating with students to create a blog and take courses at a local university.
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    Drawing from my background teaching ESL and work with international students, it is my desire to return to Jordan and utilize my teaching skills and my knowledge of the US to form a global classroom. For me, teaching ESL is the most effective way to engage with a community. I will create a space for my students to discuss the similarities and differences between our two vibrant cultures through interactive activities while they improve their English.
Kazakhstan International Relations, Political Science

International Relations
  • The Strategic Importance of Kazakhstan's Foreign Policy

    I plan to analyze Kazakhstan's evolving role in international affairs in regard to its relationship with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. I will study at the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research, and also work with the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies and the Soros Foundation in order to gain practical, as well as academic understanding of Kazakhstan's foreign and domestic policies.
Political Science
  • The Impact of Identity Formation and State-Building on Kazakhstani Autonomy

    I plan to analyze how Kazakhstan has developed a democratic concept of citizenship that incorporates its various ethnic groups. My goal is to determine how this inclusive citizenship has contributed to a national identity and democratic government that enable the nation to assert its sovereignty, even leadership, in the context of regional and external political pressures.
Kenya Ethnomusicology

  • I propose to investigate ways in which refugee youth in Kenya use music as a psychosocial tool to recover from the effects of war and as a means to build peace in their communities. I intend to document how they employ music as an empowering narrative art to tell their story and raise social consciousness about their experiences. I will further explore the convergence of Western musical styles such as hip-hop with traditional African styles, and the global power of music as a tool for cross-cultural communication.
Kuwait Engineering

  • Kuwait struggles to meet the energy demands of its population, as evident from the frequency of blackouts on hot days. This work seeks to reduce the environmental impact of fossil fuels in Kuwait by analyzing the environmental impact and cost effectiveness of harnessing sunlight with the integration of photovoltaic systems in residential building power systems, supplementing the current infrastructure. My model will be transferable to other countries.
Laos Teaching

Teaching English
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    Drawing on my experience teaching university students, I seek to create a classroom environment that honors cultural competency and sensitivity. Classes showing a range of U.S. histories, cultures, and identities, will build students' language skills while introducing them to the complexities of North America. To involve me directly with efforts to preserve Laotian traditions, I will volunteer at the Houey Hong Vocational Training Center.
Macedonia Political Science

Political Science
  • Changing Political and Economic Roles of Women

    I plan to conduct research on the question of whether, and to what extent, the political and economic role of women in Macedonia has changed in the past decade. In particular, I will be examining the position of women in society since Macedonia embarked on a path towards European Union integration, after the signing of the Ohrid Framework Agreement in 2001.
Madagascar Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies
  • Researching Carbon Credits as a Vehicle for Rural Development

    I propose to research to what degree forest-based carbon credit programs help or harm rural communities in Madagascar. Forest management schemes with carbon credit components can help diversify rural people's incomes or put financial constraints on their way of life. I will perform a 10-month multi-stakeholder assessment of government bodies, non-profits and forest residents invested in the outcome of two Malagasy forest management programs claiming carbon credits.

  • Ecotourism in Madagascar: Livelihoods and Ecotourism After the Political Crisis of 2002

    The proposed study will focus on two case studies of how varying degrees of ecotourism affect the lives of local people in Madagascar. I will look specifically at the changes in people's livelihoods because of the political crisis that occurred in January of 2002 and their current views of ecotourism.
Malawi Education, Political Science


  • Empowering Skills Acquisition: Overcoming Barriers to Secondary Education

    I propose to research barriers for primary-school student entry into secondary school. In Malawi, only 11.4 percent of secondary-age children (14- to 17-year-olds) are enrolled in secondary school. I will conduct a series of interviews with critical stakeholders (teachers, community members, and students). Based on my research results, I plan to start a volunteer program where community members teach students skills so that they can re-enter school.

Political Science

  • The Consequences of Casual Labor on Food Security

    Between September 200X and May 200X, I propose to study the relationship between household food security, casual labor and AIDS in rural Malawi. I am interested in the changing role of casual labor as a response to the combined stress of food insecurity and AIDS. In particular, I will consider how women's involvement in casual labor, primarily transactional sex for food or cash, may be creating a cyclical link between hunger and AIDS.
Malaysia Biology, Teaching

  • Keys to a Treatment for a Devastatingly Disfiguring Tropical Disease

    I plan to analyze the immunological difference between those infected with lymphatic filariasis (LF), a devastatingly disfiguring Neglected Tropical Disease endemic to Malaysia, infecting 120 million globally, and those immune to LF. The interplay between the host immune system, and the parasite that causes LF, baffles scientists. I will join the lab of a leading researcher to identify the differences between these two populations so a treatment can be developed.
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I will share my English teaching experience and my dedication to international cooperation as an ETA in Malaysia. I admire Malaysia's willingness to experiment with education programs that prepare its youth for global citizenship. I hope to contribute to this with English lessons about America. Drawing on my language study and tutoring skills, I will tailor my teaching to individual students' needs and form a supportive classroom.
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    As an Education and Child Study major pursuing my teaching licensure in Elementary education, I plan to use my past teaching experiences to help Malaysian students learn English. Working at a dual-language school, teaching arts education, and leading outdoor learning projects has prepared me for the work of an ETA. I aim to incorporate culture-based curriculum and personalized instruction to help students with learning differences.
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    My American education, knowledge of the English language and American culture, and my teaching experience have prepared me to teach Malaysian students. Because of my interests in the environment, I am keen to teach in a rural location. As an ETA in Malaysia, I will learn about the lives and challenges Malaysians face, experience their customs, and reach out to the community with my background in sports and the environment.
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I was initially attracted to Malaysia because of the nature of the ETAs available there. I found the idea of working in a small community rather than a large city, and of participating in school activities and community service, particularly appealing. Through my research on Malaysia, I have come to love its rich history and culture. I am especially interested by the ways in which three ethnicities – Malay, Chinese, and Indian – have interacted.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I hope to bring my experience working as an ESL instructor to teaching secondary school students in Malaysia. By living in Malaysia and learning Bahasa Melayu, I will help meet the increasing need for Americans who are fluent in the cultures, religions, and languages of Asian countries.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    My background as an American Studies major combined with my experience teaching ESL to Southeast Asian youth give me the tools to be a well-rounded teaching assistant in Malaysia. I will effectively relate to my students within a classroom setting while offering a comprehensive view of American culture. I plan to start an after-school cross-cultural cooking class and volunteer within the community to learn traditional ways of health and cooking.
Mali Sociology

  • Métis Status Before and After Independence

    I propose to research the status of "métis" born of one French and one West African parent. My archival work will explore the ways colonists, métis, and natives defined métis political and economic status in French Colonial West Africa. My contemporary research will examine present-day Malian métis identity, discerning whether colonial conceptions of métis still impact current Black and métis views of mixed-race Malians.
Mexico International Relations, Oceanography

International Relations
  • Reverse Migration: Challenges and Opportunities for Jalisco

    The recent economic downturn and increasing immigration enforcement actions in the U.S. have resulted in an influx of return migrants. I will study the impact of return migration on communities in Jalisco, documenting challenges and opportunities presented by the (re)integration of transnational families. This research will build upon my work with the integration of migrant families in the U.S., further increasing binational understanding of migration.
  • Developing Cutting-Edge Tools for Fisheries Conservation and Management

    I will pursue novel research that helps track the movement and food chain position of highly migratory fish. These efforts will aid in the management of economically important species of commercially harvested fish. For these free-ranging fish, international cooperation in management is key among countries like the United States and México, which exploit many of the same species.
Morocco Film Studies, Politics, Public Health, Teaching

Film Studies
  • Between Words: Narrating Identities in Contemporary Moroccan Women's Film

    While film poses challenges because of its reliance on the visual and its creation of stereotypical representations, it also has the potential for deconstructing misnomers. My project proposal is to explore how women are imagined, racialized, and gendered in contemporary Moroccan film in order to reflect on the discourses of race and gender in Moroccan and Western frameworks, that have global implications abroad and at home.
  • The Role of Political Islam in Morocco's Struggle for Independence

    While Political Islam has become one of the major focuses of Middle East Politics, relatively little study has been done on the role of Political Islam in the Maghreb in general, and Morocco in particular. I plan to study the role of Islam in politics during the Moroccan struggle for independence, from the years following World War II to 1956. Researching Political Islam from a historical perspective will be a strong foundation for my future studies.
Public Health
  • AIDS prevention research for women in Morocco

    Working with Dr. Himmich, President of the Moroccan AIDS Service Organization (ALCS), I would examine the reasons behind the rising rate of HIV infection among Moroccan women and help in the process of finding feasible and effective preventative measures. After taking the five-week intensive language program in Moroccan Spoken Arabic in Fez, I would work in association with Dr. Himmich and the ALCS in Casablanca from October through June 2003.
  • Working as an English Teaching Assistant in a Moroccan university, I will incorporate my experience as an ESL teacher and my formal TESOL training to create a comfortable and energetic classroom environment. I will propel students towards active and invested engagement with English and different aspects of U.S. culture. I will also study Moroccan Arabic, seek to become involved at a women's shelter, and hopefully join or organize a bicycle touring group.
Nepal International Relations

International Relations
  • International Nepalese Labor Migration

    I propose to go to Kathmandu, Nepal to research international Nepalese labor migration. I would spend my time working with HimRights. I also plan to conduct interviews and to work with the Department of Labor, as well as other important members/organizations of civil society. The outcome of my research would be a published report that includes recommendations on how to make international Nepalese labor migration most efficient.
Netherlands Art and Architectural History, Law

Art and Architectural History
  • Women Painters and Printmakers of the Golden Age

    For a dissertation for the MA in Dutch art in European Context," I propose to examine the hidden role of women painters and printmakers during the Golden Age, uncovering their lives, working arrangements, and professional affiliations. The study would be based mainly on records and material evidence available at research facilities, and supplemented by visual evidence under the guidance of museum curators and other specialists.
  • The Hague District Court and International Criminal Tribunals: an Examination of Efficacy

    My project will investigate the international legitimacy afforded to The Hague District Court, a Dutch national institution, and why this court better enforces international criminal law than tribunals specifically designed to try international cases. I will further examine ways in which international politics impacts the efficacy of The Hague's international criminal tribunals, and actions these tribunals ought to take to improve their effectiveness.
Nicaragua Political Science & Socioeconomic Issues

Political Science & Socioeconomic Issues
  • A Child's Decision to Leave Managua's Streets

    In 200X-0X, I plan to research why some street children in Managua, Nicaragua choose to take advantage of social services while others do not. Los Quinchos, a halfway house and educational organization, has already agreed to support me in my project. My findings will suggest some factors that contribute to the success of organizations like Los Quinchos, and what might make them even more effective.
Norway Medieval Renaissance History

Medieval Renaissance History

  • Local Community and Politics in Medieval Scandinavia

    To comprehend the factors contributing to the dissolution of the Icelandic Free State in the 13th century, I will investigate political developments in local Norwegian and Icelandic communities at the time. I will participate in the ongoing Transformation Project at the Centre for Viking and Medieval Studies in Oslo, while taking classes and preparing a dissertation for my Master's degree in the Nordic Viking and Medieval Culture program at the University of Oslo.
Peru Chemistry, Teaching

  • Reducing Disease Through Creating Inexpensive Human-Contact Materials

    I propose to develop an anti-bacterial surface material using "chemistry in a beaker." Surface materials are coatings on objects that come into direct contact with humans and so have the potential to spread disease. The product will mimic those produced by more expensive techniques but will be more easily reproduced without the experience of highly trained technicians. The aim is to prevent bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation on surfaces, a problem in Peru.

  • Searching for Naturally Occurring Medicines to Prevent Fatal Diseases in the Americas

    My project seeks to contribute to the development of successful medical treatments for diseases caused by trypanosome pathogens, such as Chagas Disease, which infect an estimated 10 million people living in the Americas. I will use standard approaches to natural product isolation and screening to search for inhibitors of the target enzyme trypanothione reductase, an essential metabolic enzyme unique to trypanosome pathogens.
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    My goal is to create a mutually educative environment that bridges cultural and linguistic divides. Drawing from my experiences teaching, as a community outreach worker, and as a student of three languages, I will create classes that move beyond grammar review. We will explore the English language through the study of U.S. culture, history and its relationship to Peru.
Philippines Theater Studies

Theater Studies
  • Postcolonial Filipino Theater as a Space for Transnational Understanding

    I will study postcolonial Filipino theater and how Filipino artists and playwrights address the intersections of postcolonial and diasporic identity, while still asserting a national and cultural and identity. Collaborating with Filipino theater artists, I will also engage and identify how theater is a means for development, education, and Filipino cultural production.
Poland Museum Studies

Museum Studies
  • Forging Polish Identity Within the Warsaw Uprising and Solidarity Movement Museum Spaces

    I propose to examine the impact of the Warsaw Uprising and the Solidarity Movement on the forging of modern Polish identity, through the lens of the museum spaces dedicated to these historical events. As both spaces opened within the past decade, I am interested in the development processes of each. How has Polish collective identity evolved to allow for the recent creation of these museum spaces, and how has it been further affected by their presence?
Portugal Biology

  • Understanding How Harmful Bacteria Change Shape to Avoid Our Body's Defenses

    Infectious diseases are a major threat to human health and life. The cell shape of bacteria enables them to invade and survive in our bodies. Our understanding of the fundamental basics of morphogenesis is still limited. It has been decades since the discovery of a morphogenic protein. This project will assist in finally answering one of the most fundamental questions in cell biology: how do cells acquire and maintain their shape?
Russia Community Service, Sociology, Teaching

Community Service
  • Community Service with Domestic Violence NGOs in the Russian Federation

    Working with the Russian Association of Crisis Centers for Women in Vladivostok, I will volunteer to assist the organization in capacity building, institutional development, information dissemination, and direct service to survivors of domestic violence.
  • Russian Migrant Workers Reviving Korean Ethic Identity in Eastern Russia

    I want to examine how Korean-Russian women who are migrant workers to South Korea bring back knowledge of Korean culture to their families and communities in Eastern Russia. My goal is to determine how this transfer of knowledge has created a revival of Korean ethnic identity among forth-generation Korean-Russians living in the city of Ussuriisk.
Teaching English
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I propose to teach conversational English to university students in Russia. Drawing on my knowledge of American culture, creative writing, and ESL tutoring, I will design engaging written and verbal activities that will allow students to expand their knowledge of both English and the United States. In addition, I will offer to incorporate clips from American TV shows to spark class discussions comparing contemporary Russian and American cultures.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I propose to teach English in Russia as a Fulbright Teaching Assistant. I will share my knowledge of the English language and become a cultural ambassador inside and outside of the classroom. Using my background in literature and theatre to teach about the diversity of American cultures, I will engage and inspire my students as they improve their language skills. Additionally, I will research the role of theatre in contemporary Russian culture.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I propose to teach English in Russia as a Fulbright Teaching Assistant. I will connect my students with American culture through studies of language, literature, and electronic media. My background as a foreign language tutor and my studies in Comparative Literature prepare me to act as a bridge between cultures using stories. I also hope to continue to study Russian with a Critical Language Enhancement Award.
Senegal Dance, Economic Development, Sociology

  • Sabar: From Cultural Tradition to National Treasure

    I propose to study present-day instruction and transmission of Sabar, the traditional dance of Senegal, and how aspiring performers can prepare to become viable artists or academics in modern Senegal. I will lay the foundation for a program to promote Sabar between griot (tradition-holding) families and the public with the help of the Université Cheikh Anta Diop and Aziz Faye of the Sing Sing family, towards the aim of Ministry of Culture involvement.
Economic Development
  • Measuring the success of microcredit in Senegal

    In-depth qualitative research on household gender roles in the Millennium Development Village of Potou, Senegal. I will map the household division of domestic and agricultural labor between men and women; determine conceptions of men's and women's roles in money management and important decision-making; and offer conclusions on the ways resources are shared by gender. My project will contribute to the literature on women and aid efforts in West Africa.
  • Gender and the Fight Against Poverty in Potou

    I propose to study the impact of microcredit programs in Senegal. Based at the non-governmental organization National Association for Literacy Training and Adult Education (ANAFA), I would research the programs of ANAFA and other microcredit NGOs. I plan to study measurements of success of microcredit programs, and attempt to gather my own data of diverse indicators through client interviews.
South Africa Biology

  • Conserving an African bat (Myotis tricolor): seasonal foraging strategies

    I propose to investigate the affect of wing morphological variation on the foraging strategies of pregnant bats (Myotis tricolor) while enrolled in a Master of Science program at the University of Cape Town in Cape Town, South Africa. I will compare my findings to data collected on a North American species, Myotis lucifugus. My results will provide greater insight into bat evolution and will benefit bat conservation and agricultural sustainability.
South Korea Teaching, Political Science

Teaching English
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I am applying to teach English in a secondary school in South Korea. In class, I will lead discussions comparing American and Korean cultural perspectives. I look forward to finding out what students care about and drawing on their interests to create engaging conversational English lessons. To facilitate communication outside the classroom, I will continue studying the Korean language.

    • English Teaching Assistantship

      I will be able to teach English to South Korean secondary school students effectively by drawing on my experience teaching English in the US to Korean immigrants and coursework as an Education minor. Through class activities focus on discussing the similarities and differences between Korean and American culture, we will better understand each other's country.

      • English Teaching Assistantship

        I will help secondary school students understand different cultures by teaching them English using my knowledge of the Korean language, my experience teaching English to native Korean speakers, and my desire to explore my Korean heritage. I will offer to form an English language creative writing group to share poems and stories, and also a musical group to share our knowledge of different instruments.

      • English Teaching Assistantship

        My experience as an ESL teacher and background in American Studies and English will enable me to impart knowledge about America and related topics in an engaging and effective manner while simultaneously helping my students learn English. I am interested in observing comparisons between pedagogical approaches and educational systems in the United States and Korea, and plan on fostering students' development outside of class by starting a cooking or running club.

      • English Teaching Assistantship

        My objective is to teach English to secondary school students in South Korea. Through this exchange, the students will not only improve their conversational skills but also learn about American history and culture. I hope to gain a better understanding of the Korean educational system, while exploring my Korean heritage. In addition, I plan to organize an after-school dance group and research the role that education issues play in electoral party platforms.

      • English Teaching Assistantship

        Coming from Reno, Nevada, I have not had much experience of cultures outside the U.S. and am excited to discover more of the law, society and people of Korea, and recognize the roots of my ancestors. To be honored with a teaching fellowship in Korea will allow me to participate directly in the culture of education and understand its effect on the economic and social success of the nation. I believe education is the basis on which we can develop communities.

      • English Teaching Assistantship

        I am applying to teach conversational English to elementary school students in South Korea. I am interested in creating space for students to learn and discuss about the multi-faceted communities, lives, lifestyles and stories in America in relation to their own, and nurture their talents in a student-run production after school. I hope to develop a comprehensive Korean language facility and an in-depth understanding of Korea's education system.

      • English Teaching Assistantship

        My goal is to teach conversational English to secondary school students in Korea. Through this exchange, I intend to share a multi-faceted view of America as a second-generation Asian American while learning more about Korean culture. Teaching in Korea will help me create a more encompassing view of East Asia. For an after-school activity, I will offer to start an English conversation club focusing on discussing American diversity.

      • English Teaching Assistantship

        I am applying to teach conversational English to secondary school students in South Korea. In addition, I will share my knowledge of American history, literature, and culture. I intend to study Korean language and culture to learn about Korean national self-identity. After school, I will begin a female a cappella singing group with young women from the school.

      • Employing Novel Ways to Teach English

        I am applying to teach English to high-school students in South Korea. I intend to study the Korean language and gain an understanding of Korean culture. I would develop a comprehensive understanding of Korean education methods to make comparisons with the U.S. education system. I would also coach students in soccer, providing another environment for teaching. My Korean team could then email with my former Rising Sun High School soccer teams in America.

      • English Teaching Assistantship

        I propose to teach conversational English to high school students in South Korea. Through teaching, I will share my knowledge of American culture and the English language. I propose to organize an after-school English club, and volunteer locally at an organization for children. During the 4-6 week winter vacation, I hope to intern at an organization devoted to fostering international cooperation between South Korea, the US, and East Asia.

      • Teaching Assistantship

        I am applying to teach conversational English to middle and high school students in South Korea. In addition, I will share my knowledge of American history and culture. I intend to study the Korean language and expand my knowledge of Korean pedagogical approaches to education. I will observe other classes during my free time to gain a more comprehensive understanding of Korean Schools. I will also tutor students in English after school.

      • Teaching Assistantship

        I hope to obtain a teaching assistantship in a high school in South Korea. I plan to volunteer with an organization specializing in development and programming, if posted in a city where such an organization exists and time permits. I am also interested in coaching track and organizing formal debates on issues of interest to students in my community.

      • Teaching Assistantship

        I propose to teach English in South Korea, where I will share my knowledge of American culture and the English language with my Korean students. My experience as a tutor and as a student of languages will allow me to teach English effectively in an accessible and engaging manner. From my experience as a teacher in Korea, I will gain a better understanding of the Korean educational system and of the Korean language and culture.

      • Teaching Assistantship, High School

        I am applying to teach conversational English to middle and high school students in Korea. I hope to share my experiences of American contemporary culture as well as my knowledge of the English language. I intend also to study the Korean language and expand to Korea my work with Education for Development, a non-profit organization I founded. This would include the exchange of pen-pal letter and other media between Korean and American students.

      • Empathy and Learning: A Teaching Assistantship

        During my time in South Korea, I hope to engage the students' interest in the English language. While focusing on the oral aspects of the language, I intend to incorporate pieces of American culture. I will use my previous ESL teaching experiences to create a comfortable and enjoyable learning atmosphere. I hope to infuse the lessons with good-will and humor, so that the students will remember the English language as well as America in a peaceful, pleasant way.

      Poltical Science

      • Surveying the Shifting Role of Gender in Electoral Politics and Party Platforms

        Research the role gender played in the December 2012 presidential elections, the first with a woman candidate. I will investigate the roles played by both men and women to see if this election contributed to breaking gender barriers, taking political participation as a means to assess gender empowerment. My research will contribute to a better understanding of the dynamics at work during this turning point in South Korea's political evolution.
Spain Education, Teaching

  • Study of Intercultural Education in Spain

    To research intercultural education in Spain: the way the presence of immigrant children in classrooms can be an educational experience for both native and foreign students. To explore how intercultural education can be used to instill a respect for democracy, judicial process and cultural differences and thus lead to responsible citizenry.
Teaching English
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I propose to teach English as an avenue through which students can be exposed to new cultures and philosophies. I will offer to connect Spanish students with American students in Clinton, New York via the internet, thus fostering meaningful, cross-cultural connections between students in Spain and the U.S. I will also research Spanish philosopher Miguel de Unamuno, in addition to singing in a local chorus or choir.

  • Stories as a Means of Fostering Learning

    I will draw on my experiences as an elementary school classroom assistant and physical education instructor to create an environment in which telling and listening to stories makes learning a language meaningful for my students. My background in anthropology, and Spanish and American social history, will help engage my students and inspire them to continue studying English. I will volunteer with an organization devoted to intercultural relations and exchange.
Sri Lanka Teaching

Teaching English
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I will apply my experience teaching English abroad and my knowledge of Sri Lankan linguistic politics to teach English in Sri Lanka and to create a -cultural exchange. I believe that second language learning, by emphasizing the value of multicultural discourses, will better prepare my students to engage with an increasingly globalized world.
Switzerland Classical Languages and Literature, Economics

Classical Languages and Literature
  • War and Lament in Homer

    At the University of Basel, a team of Hellenists is producing a new commentary on Homer's Iliad. I wish to benefit from this community of scholars while taking courses in the classical languages and conducting research on lamentation in the Iliad to discover whether Homer expresses an anti-war message in the poem–an old question, now somewhat neglected, that has new relevance to the contemporary world.
  • Educational Choices of Swiss Women

    I propose to spend the academic year 2007-08 at the University of Geneva(UNIGE)studying educational choices of Swiss women at UNIGE in order to better understand female concentration in specific disciplines. In comparison to other European countries, Swiss women are more represented in certain fields. UNIGE has made strides to comprehend this phenomenon. Research with students could improve understanding of the educational choices of Swiss women.
Taiwan Teaching

Teaching English

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I will employ ESL methods in Taiwanese classrooms that I have honed through teaching literacy skills in U.S. elementary schools and from tutoring English in China. This ETA experience and increased proficiency in Mandarin will prepare me for my post-Fulbright career teaching in a Chinese language immersion school in the United States.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I propose working in an elementary school in Taiwan. Besides adapting American pedagogical practices to a Taiwanese environment, I would volunteer at a community center, promote a diverse image of the United States, and introduce a bilingual after-school reading club. The club would provide a nurturing space for students to build proficiency in English.
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    As an ETA in Taiwan, I will encourage English language use both inside and outside the classroom by establishing English after-school enrichment clubs centering around the arts. Drawing on experience as a Personal Literacy Tutor and a 5th grade Teaching Assistant, I also plan to teach English at Taiwanese orphanages where such resources may not be readily available.
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I propose to teach English in Taiwan as a Fulbright Teaching Assistant. Besides imparting my knowledge of the English language and diversity in America, I intend to create an extracurricular English program that will utilize American television shows to engage the students in the popular culture of America and increase their conversational ability. Additionally, I would like to provide dance lessons to the community.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I propose work as an English Teaching Assistant in Taiwan. Additionally, I intend to establish an after-school English program in which I would employ a structured play approach to using language. The after-school program would encourage students to practice their language skills and gain confidence through participating in fun language-learning activities, such as singing songs, playing games, and creating stories in English.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    While working as an ESL teaching assistant in Taiwan, I propose to establish an after-school English writing club, provide volunteer tutoring services, and teach students American sports like kickball. As a certified Emergency Medical Technician, I am also prepared to offer a community-wide course on first aid. Finally, I intend to conduct a small-scale study of how the May Fourth children's literature available in Taiwan reflects cross-strait relations.
Thailand Teaching

Teaching English
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I propose to teach English to primary, middle, and/or high school students in Thailand. Through this exchange, the students will advance their conversational skills while gaining an understanding of the American cultural context in which the language is situated. I plan to play an equal role in the learning process by actively participating in the community in order to learn as much as I can about Thailand.
Trinidad and Tobago Biology

  • Dengue: serological survey of schoolchildren and PCR screening of mosquitoes

    Dengue fever, caused by a mosquito-borne virus, causes epidemics throughout the world's tropics. No data exist on the prevalence of the four dengue serotypes in Trinidad. I propose a serological survey of schoolchildren for dengue fever and an RT-PCR assay to screen for dengue virus in mosquitoes to estimate the prevalence of dengue in Trinidad. These initial studies are important for future dengue control and vaccine development.
Tunisia Political Science

Political Science
  • Family Law and Gender Policy in Tunisia

    In 2005-6, I propose to study the Tunisian Personal Status Code in order to better understand how Muslim women succeed in attaining legal and social progress without contradicting their essential religious beliefs. In particular, I will examine the manner in which the Tunisian government has articulated the compatibility between women's empowerment and Tunisia's Islamic heritage.
Turkey Teaching

Teaching English
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    As a Teaching Assistant in Turkey, I will bring my past experience as a Writing Tutor and as a Student Museum Educator to English conversation in the classroom. For the duration of my stay, I will study Turkish and work at a museum, connecting to the local community through language and volunteering. In return, I will enrich my knowledge of Turkish life, its people and their rich past.
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I will work as an English teaching assistant at a Turkish university. My experience as an English teaching assistant, writing tutor, and studies in American government will allow me to create an engaging learning environment that improves students' English and understanding of U.S. culture. I will study Turkish, collaborate with Turkish students to make a documentary about self-identity and create a print series to promote cross-cultural understanding.
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    My goal is to teach English at a Turkish university, employing ESL methods I have honed through tutoring English grammar and speech in the US and from teaching ESL courses in Morocco. I will use my studies in American government and history to create a dynamic classroom environment, while delving into my love for the stunning artistic, architectural, culinary, and literary traditions of Turkey.
Ukraine Political Science, Eastern European Politics

Eastern European Politics
  • Examining the Catalyst for the Orange Revolution

    I am interested in extending my initial research of nation-building in Ukraine. Given the dramatic political changes that have occurred in Ukraine since the completion of my Special Studies, I am interested in evaluating the significance of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, its long term implications and whether or not changes have materialized in the years following the event.
Political Science
  • Human Rights Non-governmental Organization (NGO) Activity in the Ukraine

    I propose to go to Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine to research non-governmental organizations and their involvement with combating women trafficking in Ukraine, with the outcome being a published report. I would spend my time conducting research on various women's centers and human rights NGOs in Kyiv and employ a participant observation methodology.
United Arab Emirates Sociology

  • Influence of Insight Dubai Conference on Advancing Women in Society

    The aim of my project is to research the influence of the Insight Dubai Conference on Women's Leadership and Cultural Exchange (IDC) on advancing women in society. I will track the influence of the conference by surveying, interviewing and conducting an in-depth case study with a portion of the 600 Emirati alumnae from the last decade of the conference.

United Kingdom Agriculture

  • How Climate Change Exacerbates the Deleterious Effects of Cattle Pollution on Soil Health

    Climate change magnifies the harmful effects of cattle farming on soil health and pasture growth. I propose to investigate how increased rainfall, an expected result of climate change specific to Britain, will affect the impact of cattle waste on farm soils. This under-researched facet of climate change effects portends serious consequences for farmlands and thus agricultural yields. I will investigate this topic for a Masters in Climate Change Science.

Uruguay Teaching

Teaching English
  • English Teaching Assistantship

    As a Fulbright scholar in Uruguay, I will work as an English-language teaching assistant in local high schools and teacher training centers. In class, I will share my knowledge of U.S. culture through its literature while developing English language skills. My independent research about how Uruguayan literature is taught in local high schools, and how this contributes to the formation of a cultural identity, will support and enhance my work as an English teacher.

  • English Teaching Assistantship

    I will incorporate innovative teaching methods to energize my English-learning students. While absorbing as much of Uruguayan culture possible, I will be an informal ambassador inside and outside the classroom. I will share my knowledge of the U.S. informally in my daily interactions and formally by giving presentations about the U.S. I will also research the relationship between newspapers and democracy with two Uruguayan professors.